1.15.2 What Exactly do these attributes do...

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    what do these three do? the spigot page does not explain well.
  2. Armor bonus
    Armor durability bonus
    Chance of zombie to spawn reiforcements (more helping zombies I guess)
  3. can i get a more descriptive and confident answer, please.

    This is what i currently assume...

    Armor: no idea.

    Armor Toughness: gives any armor you wear bonus durrability automatically? and hopefully it stops this effect if you take your armor out?.

    Zombie Spawn Reinforcement: does it spawn zombies around you or something?
  4. zombie spawn reinforcements chance is the likelihood of a zombie-like creature (includes husks & drowned) to spawn reinforcements at a distance when taking damage
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  5. ahhhh, thanks, know anything about the rest?
  6. [​IMG]

    GENERIC_ARMOR (defensePoints): I don't fully understand the above formula, but basically just lowers overall damage as far as I know.
    GENERIC_ARMOR_TOUGHNESS (toughness): Apparently this determines how easily your armor can be "penetrated". In other words, it takes (x/4)+2 damage to get through your armor and harm the player.
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