What forum engine should I use?

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Which forum engine should I use?

  1. NamelessMC

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  2. myBB

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  3. phpBB

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  4. Other (please right a reply)

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  1. Hello, I am looking for a free forum engine, but I still can't pick. I am looking for something customizable and looks decent.
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    Xenforo can be awesome. MyBB/ect. is solid too.
  3. Yeah, Xenforo is way to expensive for my budget...
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    It's a 100 some dollar license.Think of it as 10 bucks a month.

    I'd personally not want to settle on anything but the best, which imo is Xenforo.
  5. $140* OP can't afford it. I like myBB with the right theme
  6. If you or someone you're working with knows how to use Ruby and Javascript on a dedicated server I'd recommend Discourse! Looks great and runs well
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  7. It's $100+ a month :/
  8. Pick NodeBB. It's both free and incredibly fancy :p
  9. It's $100 a month for them to host it,. if you install and host it on your own server it doesn't cost anything
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    If OP can afford to run a Minecraft server/host a website, it's plausible that he can afford it/afford it down the road without even realizing it. 140 dollars isn't a crazy amount either. A month of "donations" could pay for that, or a part time job. It's worth keeping in mind, if only to use in the future.
  11. I could, just I don't know how big part of the forum will be in community, so as off now it's not worth blowing off almost $150 on something that won't be used...
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    That's smart. My vote is for MyBB for now then :)
  13. I use enjin my players like it. Always ask your players.
  14. If you want something designed specifically for servers, NamelessMC is pretty solid and its development is progressing quite nicely. If you take the time to customize the style and layout (please do not leave it as the default Bootstrap theme), I think it could be a very solid platform for a beginning server.
  15. Xenforo licenses can be as cheap as $50 depending on the seller.
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    Inb4 ban ;)

    But i guess this is technically an option too...
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  17. Why would that even warrant a ban? Xenforo doesn't have a problem with people selling licenses - as evidenced by their numerous posts on the matter and the verification tools they provide.
  18. If you want to see some NodeBB, this is my personal site. It's not the best although I'll work on it more in the next few weeks.