What free Anti-Cheat should I use

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  1. NOTE: I already have Cardinal Anti Cheat

    I need one with little false flags
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    Probably NoCheatPlus with a good config.
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  3. In my opinion, Matrix AntiCheat. It’s free, effective, and highly configurable. I’ve tested it myself, and its default configuration is actually great, too.
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  4. NoCheatPlus is always a solid option, especially for movement. I'd also take a look at Horizon's dev builds from their discord if you want another option. Quite a few false positives and would require some fine tuning at its current state but detects most cheats well. I shared my config on there a while ago but it'll require a bit of searching.
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  5. horizons; was the issue with keep alive packets fixed? It was causing all my players to be continuously d/c'ed and i ultimately had to stop using it and report the issue. havent check
  6. I believe so in a not so recent release, if not, disabling the ping spoof should resolve that.
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  7. I gave up on Matrix. Too many false positives, plus no way to disable individual checks in certain worlds.