What games for kids do you know?

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  1. What games for kids do you know? Can you share some good variants?
  2. There are so many variants! Do you play on tablet or PC? My daughter plays online Frozen games here. Also she likes Pokemon, Talking Tom, Angry Birds.
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  3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Pajama Sam, ToonTown, etc
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    No one bothered to mention Minecraft? It's most certainly a kids game! Then again, that depends entirely on what age range you're talking about. Do you mean infant (1 - 5), or young child (6+)?
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  6. The Mario and Luigi RPG series. (I still play them to this day)

    A remake of Bowser's Inside Story is coming, my personal favorite of the series.
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  8. The best games I have played since I was young.
    - 3D Mario games (Super Mario 64 (oh boi), Super Mario Galaxy).
    - RPG Mario games (Partners in Time, Bowser inside Story, and some others).
    - Donkey kong games.
    - Kirby games (Kirby Ultra Star, Kirby Mass Attack).
    - NSMB Series (New Super Mario Bros DS, Wii, Wii U, etc).
    - Flash games on newsground and dutch game websites (gooooood times).
    - Minecraft (I remember the first days in Minecraft, it was so epic).

    I had a really awesome childhood with these games until life hit me unexpected.
  9. in general, Mario and Disney games please most children

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