What happened to VoxelSniper?

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  1. VoxelSniper used to be hugely popular, but it hasn’t been updated in nearly three years.

    Is there anywhere else I can find updated versions of this plugin, or is it completely abandoned?
  2. I think the commands have been ported into FAWE, though I never checked them out.
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  3. I did find that, but it hasn’t been updated in a while, so I’m not sure if it works in 1.15.2. :coffee:
  4. I have also faced this many time. Some how I didn't find any solution.
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  5. it says on their download page that it supports 1.15.2
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  6. The most up to date version of VoxelSniper I've seen is called VoxelSniper Flattened

    You can only find this version on GitHub
    as it doesn't seem to appear on any Minecraft related forums such as Spigot. There are a few versions available, you most likely need the one the allows for older versions of Java given that most people are probably not running the latest release of Java.

    Heres the GitHub link:
    This works with the latest Spigot and Paper versions

    Here is a link to the "Backward" version that should work for any Java Version >= 8:

    And if you are running the most current version of Java then you can use the "non-backward" version:

    It's not apparent if there are any differences between the two versions, but I have it under good authority that the backward version runs exactly as the original did. I believe they are using the same code base.
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