what hardware is good for minecraft server in 2019/20? And some hardware problem about server

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  1. Hi, i am currently find hardware to buy a new computer for my minecraft server , the existing server with fair enough plugin cannot hold 40+ players with good tps like 18~19 even with server optimization. So i am considering to buy a new computer. Let me first talk about my server hardware:
    MB: H81M-s1 rev(2.0) GIGABYTE
    SSD: adata xpg sx6000 lite 512gb pcie gen3x4 m.2 2280
    no gpu since i put m.2 converter on pcie x16
    RAM: DDR3 1600 8GB x2
    Router: Archer C7 AC1750 TP link
    Bandwidth: 1Gigabit/sec

    I need to host atleast 3 server at the same time by bungeecord (vps connect linux)
    1 lobby(very less resource w/ via version?)
    1/2 1.15.2 survival server (~50 plugins)
    1 1.15.2 creative server (~10 plugins)

    And the main problem is that there are too many things i don't know with hardware that can make minecraft server run smooth,

    First , CPU
    intel or AMD?
    i found some post talking about amd and intel but is old and im not sure which company is doing better. Some say Minecraft use only 1 core to host server, so intel with 5.0Ghz max is best? but i use 1 computer to open 2-3 server (2main, 1 event/small test/building/creative server), does that mean AMD better?
    of course i cannot buy some very high price things. i try to list some same price cpu, please help me compare:
    i5 9600kf vs ???
    i7 9700kf vs ryzen 5 3700x
    i9 9900kf vs ryzen 7 3900x
    Oh btw, should i wait for intel 10th gen?

    Second, RAM
    DDR4 is must, but what about the speed? 2666 is the highest when not overclocking, but is it better to have a overclocked ram like 3200Ghz?
    but i noticed that adata have 32GB 2666 ram, which mean a ATX board can have x4 total, 128 GB ram max, however, if 3200GHz(or higher), mostly only 8GB/16GB .
    So the question is, Ram speed and how much ram is required for these 3/4 server in total?

    Third, SSD (storage)
    I know M.2 SSD is fast, but how fast should a SSD is required ?
    im currently using adata xpg sx6000 lite 512gb pcie gen3x4 m.2 2280, which have max read 1800Megabit and write 1200Megabit. Is that enough?
    Also, i also heard that 2 Storage (harddisk?) to form a RAID0 can increase read write speed, does that work for SSD? and if that work, will you recommend it?

    Fourth, Motherboard
    Most likely AM4 for AMD or LGA1151 for intel (LGA1200 for 10th gen maybe :thinking:)
    does motherboard affect computer performace?
    Some said good Motherboard can allow better overclocking.
    i also know some pricey Motherboard which support wifi 6 and SLI .. alot of things...
    For intel, most likely Z390(Z490 soon?) which can overclock, but there are many motherboard which the price range is large, which is suitable enough for server?

    Fifth, GPU,
    Some cpu have integrated graphics, does that mean graphics card are not required?
    some said having a gpu can reduce cpu's load on graphical process which can make cpu having better performance on server, is it true?

    Sixth, Router
    I have a OVH ddos basic protection, however sometimes all player will have very high ping(1000+), the game kick players for timed out, authentication server is down .... something like that
    Is my router broken?
    my router too weak to handle my server?
    The current situation is that, when this happens, i try to go to router setting (, the page freezes, when i unplug the WAN Cat 5e cable, the router response, which i plug it back, the router freezes again?
    Did i got ddos by ip directly so that my OVH didn't protect the server?

    seventh, Bandwidth
    How large bandwidth is required for 1 player? and 1 plugin (normally)

    eighth, cooling
    is the original CPU fan able to cool the cpu good? (if no OC)
    if overclocked, water cooling is better or fan cooling is good?

    I know there are many questions. But i am a newbie to minecraft server. Currently i have a maximum of 30-40 players online at the same time on peak hour, as a responsible server owner, i really want to give the best server performance to my players
    Oh btw, i won't use server hosting company, i am sorry that i don't have constant income that can host a server (and many personal reasons), also the geographical location (hong kong) is far from most places that server hosting company host their server (singapore is far, LA is even far), please don't recommend me to use server hosting.
    Thank you for reading this paragraph, if you can, please write some recommendation, thank you for any feedback.
  2. Renting a server is much easier, you won't have to deal with the financial situations like depreciation, having to purchase and keeping a stock with spare hardware, power cost/usage, purchasing network equipment like an expensive firewall and router.

    But as you mentioned you didn't want to hear such things let's go to the questions;

    1. Go for Intel, the i9-9900KF should be more than suitable to keep running for several years
    2. RAM speed is occasionally a thing with AMD ZEN which had a higher performance when you have higher clock speed on the RAM, I'm not sure if this is for the current intel processors and the ZEN2 architecture from AMD.
    3. NVMe is fast enough but regular SATA SSD is fast too for Minecraft.
    4. Get an overclockable motherboard as you are going for a KF processor that is unlocked for overclocking.
    5. Get a cheap one, you need just a GPU in order to install the OS as I think you're just going to use a Linux distro through putty or something.
    6. Your router seems to be faulty, try to get your own one or a replacement from your ISP.
    7. Unable to calculate for me.
    8. Regular air cooling should be suitable from Coolermaster or if you have some extra cash, go for water cooling.
  3. Intel still hold the single-thread performance crown at the top-end of their line. Unless you want to go all out and get the 9900KF, go for AMD - get equal performance at a lower price

    RAM speed only really matters for AMD CPUs - if you go for an AMD CPU try to get 3200MHz RAM (if you can't it doesn't matter too much though), but with Intel it doesn't really matter that much.

    M.2 is a form factor - it doesn't affect speed in the slightest. What does is whether the SSD is an NVMe SSD. Be careful when buying an NVMe SSD:
    All NVMe SSDs use M.2, but not all M.2 SSDs are NVMe

    Motherboard doesn't matter too much. You're not going to be using wifi or SLI, so ignore those features. The only thing to note regarding motherboards is that whether your computer will boot w/o a GPU & iGPU depends on the motherboard- some require a GPU to boot, some don't. I'd recommend reaching out to manufacturers directly to ask about specific models.

    Here's a good video comparing all AM4 motherboards if you're really interested:

    What router is it & what speeds are you psuhing through it?

    ~1mbps per player is rule of thumb

    Stock cooler will be fine even with a small OC
  4. Not true. You can get NVMe SSDs with M.2, U.2 or even plain old PCIe slot interfaces!
  5. Or having an m.2 SSD which uses the SATA protocol
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  6. Thank you for replying all of these ideas.
    I will try to get one new router as soon as possible.
    Also i can cut some budget for SSD and Ram, too.

    For renting a server, unless using a dedicated computer, it would be pricey to buy 3-4 servers (i thinking), since i have mentioned that i use bungeecord to split services into a few servers. :unsure:
  7. Sorry for late reply, I used some time to read this paragraph and did some small research .
    But im just thinking about clock rate, cores and thread problems... normally 9900KF use for 1 server can host alot of players at the same time as it provide higher clock rate, right? But i am not sure whether 2-3 server in one computer can utilize all the core/thread. :cry:
    I guess go for Intel is much safer? even tho higher price but is mainly used by most server:unsure:

    Ok, then i try to grab some 2666Mhz Ram then. :unsure:

    ah. yes, M.2 NVMe, thats what im using, but is TLC. Btw, do MLC TLC QLC matters?

    Ok, i can cut some budget for motherboard then :love:

    Is a Archer C7 AC1750 TP link (3-4 years old)
    Bandwidth: 1Gbps

    ok, great

    Thank you for helping me.