What Host Should I Get [Cheap]

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by MrAntho, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Not Really...Still need ideas
  2. Server.pro
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  3. I use clovux.net. It's pretty cheap when it has recurring discounts like right now.
    $2/GB and works well for me. As for proof, I'm not really sure what you want but I'll include the info below:

    My server has:
    - 67 plugins
    - 3 GB of RAM
    - 5 worlds and zero lag

    Normally I use 2 GB of ram but I recently reset the server so it's a new map and increased the RAM just in case it would be needed to load the world chunks. Also, I've had multiple other servers with Clovux and all of them ran perfectly with 1 GB of ram. In addition, the host has great support, is very friendly, and understanding.

    Edit: Just checked the website and it shows their specifications here.
    I was surprised to see they use "Xeon E3-1245v2 CPUs or similar" because my servers have never had any lag using this host. So I guess E3 is not as bad as I originally thought. Also, they actually show their specifications and the fact it's E3 is pretty good proof they aren't lying about it, because no one brags about E3's. Have you noticed that many hosts will either claim to have top of the line stuff (but not show any proof) or simply not give you any details at all other than the ram? Well, Clovux doesn't do that.
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