What host?

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What should I do?

  1. Get a dedicated small server

  2. Stick with shared hosting

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  1. Hey, for about a year now I have been using shared hosting and I now want to create a bungee. We don't get many players but hopefully it will grow (20-30 Max). Shared hosting just isn't really the best option for that as it gets expensive buying 6 1gb servers rather than buying a 6gb server.
  2. neither.
    (from experience) starting a network/or hub/bungee server whatever you want to call it with not a big playerbase, it will just be a waste of money tbh.
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  3. Fair enough, I'll take your advice. Currently I am paying $58 for 6gb ram.
  4. thats a rather expensive hosting youre using there...
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  5. Got any better suggestions ? I use a shared host which controls the amount of servers on one machine.
  6. http://www.soyoustart.com/us/cpu/
    How about an ssd-3 or ssd-4?
    Great machines, around your current spendings, but a lot more for your cash...
    (prices are ex vat and such, so it's a bit more expensive than mentioned on the site)
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  7. Thanks, one problem would be that, I have not learnt how to use Linux command line and may need help with it :(
  8. I can teach it to you, it isnt hard at all for what you have to do to run some mc servers :)
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  9. Okay great! I'll look into it, could I add you on Skype ?
  10. Unless you want to do it for fun :p
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  11. You will want to use a kimsufi instead of SYS. Ks-3 or ks-4 would do great.
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  12. SYS is better tbh if you can afford it, especially if you get one with ssds
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  13. sys > ks-4
    the ks-4 canada deal is pretty good, but I'd still pick the ssd-3 over a ks-4 at any time, especially since he's allready spending it :)

    @Adnan_ my skype is simgar98 :)
  14. well, the ssd upgrade depends on what kind of server youre gonna run, if youre running like prison only and not planning to upgrade at all, it wont really make a difference... but for say a factions server, an ssd is a HUGE plus.
  15. Also sys you have multiple drives, so if you backup to each of them, the only real problem with data loss is if somone hijacks your machine or if there is a natural disaster at the datacenter. Will atleast protect you from drive failure, however offsite backups are great.
  16. arent they by default setup in raid to mirror eachother?
  17. Would performance on these machines be much better than shared hosting?
  18. I was also thinking would this be cheaper long-term too?

    Will I be able to host a teamspeak and a xenforum website on there?
  19. Doubt it
  20. You get the whole machine to yourself, however at the price it looks you were paying, performance could be equal if you were getting what you payed for.