What hosting should i choose?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by DJgamer29, Aug 30, 2018.

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  1. Hello SpigotMC's members, I'm going to open an EU SkyBlock's Server with my friends and we were thinking about 6-8 gb ram (At least for 50 players). The server'll have 50-75 slots, because maybe it will be half full.

    Our budget for the first month is 20€(euros).

    I cannot post our plugins, because we dont want to share them xD. But are some general SkyBlock plugins, some custom plugins, and lag management.

    I'm here because i have seen many posts, and idk which host i should buy.

    All help is welcome.

    Edit: Added location
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  2. I'd suggest the two following.

    https://courzo.com ~ Good budget provider (I currently use them) and their servers are solid. If you ask for a test server, they'll give you an IP.
    https://www.bisecthosting.com/ ~ Good provider overall, but expensive. Used them before, but the price was high for the service, you can get the same experience as somewhere else, like Courzo.
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  3. Check the hosting forum here and see what vps keeps popping up, then manually review those and see what fits your budget for your needs.
    I hope you find something - don't go with anything offering you unlimited cpu cycles or 64gb ram for $10 etc.. it's all nonsense, just like unlimited data and what not. Go with a well established hosting company - it doesn't have to specifically be for gaming. If you aren't sure if you can run a minecraft server on the vps, contact sales. they'd love to help you. You can use that opportunity to request them for a free week to test it and see how the server performs. If not only to avoid getting stuck in a contract if it doesn't work as desired.
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  4. I'd either recommend a VPS or Sparked Host. Both should do you fine, although Sparked Host's support is phenomenal so it depends who you are and what you're looking for specifically when it comes to hosting.

    Just don't head with Shockbyte. Garbage host mate.

    Hope I could help! Have a nice day. :)
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  5. Its soooo funny how you are still complaining about this like a small child, life continues, get over it.
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  6. DeluxeNode is an extremely good server hosting that provides lots of features for the price it offers.
  7. Bruv, calm down. I'm not complaining. I've gotten over the fact that the $70 won't get refunded. It doesn't change the fact that Shockbyte is still a bad host. This is a section where people request help for hosts. Why wouldn't I add that if I had a terrible experience with them?

    It's ridiculous how you find anger in my posts against Shockbyte. Has nothing to do with you so relax buddy. :)
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  8. Oh the irony hurts
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  9. Everyone has an opinion Timmy
  10. Let's keep these posts on topic to the thread, thanks! If you aren't benefiting the thread, don't talk! I've said my part already, so have you, so let's stop arguing here and further help the guy looking for a host. :)
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  11. Says the person which was going to deraill this topic. Because of you performed a manual payment and didn't got a refund. How childish could you be?


    Use bisecthosting, vultr, ramnode or a another reputable hosting provider for your server.
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  12. Contabo, cuz it's affordable for all, and also have good performance.
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  13. Their nodes are probably up to 900% oversold.. I've noticed when I used them about 2 months ago that I had tons of lag on their SSD nodes and they refused to transfer my vps onto a different node
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  14. I used and i use contabo since 2 years and i haven't any kind of problem.
  15. Not going to post after this, but just so you don't have the wrong thought there, that's not the reason I'm telling him to not go for Shockbyte. I am aware that the payment was my fault (although they did technically suspend my service and never unsuspended it when I went to PayPal for a refund; but that's done and over with. I can't help myself there). It doesn't change the fact that the support is complete ass, that the live agents are from tawk.to who get paid $1/h, and that they took a month to reply to my ticket. You can't argue with me here.

    This might not be true, but it's been told that they oversell when they claim they don't. I'm just suggesting that you, @DJgamer29, find a more convenient host and save yourself a shit ton of trouble and issues.

    Have a good day.
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  16. Which locations do you need? I'm assuming EU right, correct me if I'm mistaken?
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  17. i would be happy to help u
    i can give you 8GB for 20$ with dedicated IP
  18. Personally MCProHosting is my best preference, you get unlimited storage, amazing hardware, the quality is great, their support is Excellent, they offer a free MySQL Database with each server, so multiple servers get multiple databases, they have a great knowledgebase which will help you out with any problems you have, they got a very nice intuitive setup and control panel. and Pricing is fairly good While the prices are higher than normal, the Qality of the hardware is amazing giving better performance than alot of other server hosts,
    They're priced starting at $5 for 0.5 GB and they have a starter coupon code you can use to get %15 percent off your first order.

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  19. I've never been with MCPH myself, but I think that you can get similar quality for far less than $5. You'd be better off taking your five dollars and finding someone who will do the same for like $2 or $3 per gigabyte, still quite high compared to some of the budget alternatives out there but definitely start doing your research.
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  20. Exactly, hence the irony ;)
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