What Hosting Should I Use? 300 Players, How Many GB? BungeeCord

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  1. I Have a server and i am expecting 300 players.. How Many GB Do i need and what hosting should i use? i have about 7 servers.. please tell me
  2. 300 players, I would say about 4-5gb per server. http://ovh.com
  3. When you say that do you mean 300 players per server? or 300 players for all the servers like 50,50,50,50,50?
  4. Bungee 1gb then some space for linux I would get 1 or 2 OVH MC-32 GB servers. If you optimize your server very good 1 is enough but then it needs to be very well optimized 2 will be to much but maybe a bit to much don't you think?
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  5. Tux


    It depends on how many players are going to be on each server and what kind of server you're running. You'll have to make an educated guess as to what you need. For instance, with SkyBlock and Factions, players are spread out and will require more memory than a hub server, where players are usually always in the same chunks.

    I don't recommend allocating more than 80% of your server's memory to Minecraft, so you'll need to fit this within 24GB.
  6. I'm using OMGServ, for 100$ per 2 years you can have a premuim server, you will get "unlimited" RAM, and "unlimited" playerslots! check it out! there are much more features!
  7. Ram is not everything you can have 100 gb ram but if your CPU can't handle it your nothing with it
  8. i know, the CPU is also pretty good, it only starts laggin when there are like 100 plugins installed and used at the same time
  9. The server player amount :
    Hub = 100
    Skyblock = 50
    Creative = 50
    Kitpvp = 50
    Parkour = 50
    SurvivalGames = 50
    Survival = 50
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  10. may I ask
    why are there more people 'playing' hub than any other server
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  11. Botted confirmed
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    You might want to post here next time (where people are looking to give hosting advice).
  13. Depends Really, If your going for shared hosting i would go with http://hosthorde.com but if dedicated I 100% Recommend http://servermania.com self serviced machines, ddos protection fucking great support (fast) I have a 32 gb Centos server with 1TB of storage for $70 a month
  14. If you're looking for cheap shared hosting here's a top 3
    If you're looking for cheap VPS hosting here's another top 3
    If you're looking for the best dedicated host you can find here's a list:

    Personally, if you're unsure that you won't receive players then definitely start on SharedHosting, then build your way up to VPS then to dedi. Don't go spending a shit load of cash on a project that could fail.
  15. upwindman


    Not to be rude or anything, but i highly doubt you are going to exceed 300 players ( My opinion, can be wrong )

    Going on-topic

    If you were to maintain 300 players, each server would vary on how many gigabytes you would need. The hub would need around 2 - 5, each server you have connected on the hub should have around 8 gigs if its a gamemode like ( prison, factions etc )
  16. because if one server were to crash or restart, the hub would be the place as to where they fallback.

    Please don't comment because you clearly don't know what you're talking about.
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  17. But if only one crashes, that's only 50 people. If you're telling me you have two servers down unexpectedly for more than 5 minutes, you might wanna look into that.
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  18. Yes!!! :D