What hosting should I use.

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  1. I plan to make a minecraft server.
    My budget is 20 Euros.
    I need a:

    - 4 gigs
    - subdomain/domain ( ill buy it)

    - Enjin and buycraft trial
    - dedicated ip

    I have looked at hostings and I am thinking.
    - plox host
    - fluctis hosting
    - Aquatis
    - the mincraft hosting.

    Please give me suggestions !
  2. 1) why you want so many GB's? - You shouldn't create all your games in one server. I suggest you to create a Bungeecord.
    2) It's (mostly) cheaper to buy a domain by a domainhosting such as goDaddy. Just link the ip you will get for server joining to the Domain using cloudflare.com for example.
    3) don't use Enjin! I suggest you to make a website yourself or buy a XenForo site.
    4) Take a look at server.pro (doesnt have BuyCraft or Enjin in their plans!!)
  3. Serverpro is expensive. How much money is it to buy a domain in goDaddy @lukas.vdgaag
  4. I would recommend checking out a thread such as this one to see a list of hosting companies to use.​
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  5. For .com you will pay around €1 now. .net domain are little bit more expensive. But dont think about massive amounts. Domains aren't that expensive
  6. .net domains are around €11
  7. If you want more cheaper host, I recommend a host who uses MultiCraft as controlPanel. For example Freaze.nl if you are Dutch
  8. Don't use GoDaddy. Goggle godaddy elephant to see why.
  9. 1. A 4GB server is barely anything and having multiple game modes in one server is fine.
    2. NameCheap is cheaper than GoDaddy and also works very well with CloudFlare.
    3. Enjin can be alright although it depends on needs and also when put side by side against XenForo as it's far cheaper.
    4. Server.Pro has something like $5/GB or something ridiculous like that.

    Also, this thread may be useful.
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  10. 1. You can have multiple games at one, but some plugins (may) have the same commands, so that will give errors.
  11. And? They most likely have aliases and many use signs so commands sometimes are not even needed.
  12. True. But also for less lagg or something its recommended to use a bungee. But it doesnt really matter.
  13. I don't think it would impact that heavily although it depends on player base and other factors to justify a complete network.
  14. Thank you guys for helping but...
    Its hard to find a hosting.
    Any more ideas not that I am ignoring you guys.
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  16. I have just decided to do Voodoo Servers.
  17. Nice!
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  18. Goodluck with voodoo servers!
  19. Take a look at https://penguintijn.nl
    I recently started my own hosting
    It's 2 EUR per gb, about 2.35 USD