What hosting site should i use

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  1. what hosting site should i use and what plan to choose,

    i got a survival / factions server
    35-40 people
    80 plugins
    a lot of xp farms

    now im hosting in minecraft-hosting pro
    i took the best plan

    10gb ram
    AMD Ryzen 3900X @ 4.6Ghz
    3 cores

    but i still got tps drops somtimes when we have more than 32 people
    i need a better hosting ?
  2. You need to optimize your server. 80 plugins is A LOT for a factions server with a lot of xp farms.
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  3. Could you provide a timings report?
  4. how can i do that
    this is like the worst we dealt with > https://timings.aikar.co/?id=36b3fe3549544e0a9e306b3d19a98d48#timings
    most of the time its on 20-19 but sometimes it drops to 16 15 when theres more players
  5. Use plugins for mob farm optimization
  6. im using farm limiter
  7. buy a dedicated server, and not a shared hosting plan
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  8. Based on your timings, you could change ticks-per hopper-check from 1 to 3 in spigot.yml. In bukkit.yml, change spawn-limits for ambient to 0 (or 2 if you for some reason need bats?). As mentioned above, 80 plugins is a lot so I would see if you can remove some that are unnecessary, as well as a mob/mob farm limiter (NOT a stacker!).

    EDIT: I would also remove clear lag because, like, no. You shouldn't need it, it's using over 3% of your server's processes.
  9. Why are you against mob stacker?
  10. That won't help performance. Yeah, mobs are now stacked, but you'll have a lot more spawning, thus increasing CPU usage for the spawn tasks.
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  11. If I plan to use a mob stacker and reduce considerably mob spawning, would that work? Don't have any server yet, just planning everything out first.
  12. But isnt clear lag a really good plugin? every few min it clears all the entities in the map,
    it helps a lot
  13. whats that, can you send me a link to the best dedicated server i can buy?
  14. the server already does that automatically, there's no need for clearlag
    if clearlag is helping your server's performance, it means your server is setup wrongly
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  15. yes but clearlag has tps triggers,
    if the server has a tps drop to 16-17 (thats what i defined) the clearlag plugin instantly clears mobs/entities

    theres more features
  16. if that helps, it means you are allowing your server to spawn too many entities, which is again, server misconfiguraton if you have to rely on automatic entity-killer to balance lag. I agree that those extra features such as automatic log deleter are nice, but this is of no help to performance
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  17. so what should i do?

    i optimized the server like this guide > https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/guide-server-optimization⚡.283181/
    even better..