What hosting would you recommend for a startup Survival server?

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  1. Background
    I'm planning on starting up a 1.15.2 Towny Survival server, and I'm looking for the hosting available. Shared, VPS or dedicated, it doesn't matter. No need for a dedicated IP as I will have a domain set up.

    • Can run PaperSpigot 1.15.2 with ~40 players, a normal set of plugins (some large, many small in size) at 20TPS and hardly any lag.
    • Is a well-known host in the business, not a nobody.
    • Minimum 5GB of RAM
      • Survival servers have lots of plugins and chunk loading going on. Especially because this version is newer than 1.12 it should have some headroom even for a small server
    • Max budget $18 AUD per month. maybe a dollar or a few extra if within good reason.
      • Since it is a new server and won't have much if any store purchases, I've got to keep it affordable for my pocket
    • The higher the single-thread performance of a CPU, the better
      • I don't want a horrible CPU for Minecraft. Servers perform better with a higher single-thread performance CPU.
    • Location: US, Europe or Australia
      • I want to be able to have the best ping for one of three main user bases I can get where English is spoken. I mentioned Australia as I'm Australian and I don't mind starting up a community based in our country. Australian servers are usually more expensive, so if it's more expensive than US or EU servers, don't worry about it.
    • Able to handle around 40 players max.
      • Future proofing
    • I plan on having:
      • a pregenerated world 12k size border from realisticworldgenerator (so there's no world generation lag)
      • around 60 private and public plugins, small in size, to add to the experience more.
      • a few big plugins like mcmmo, towny, and possibly custom enchants.
    Current Observations
    At the moment, I've looked at these guys:
    • OVH:
      • VPS 2018 SSD 3 sounds good.
        • I haven't checked out what CPU they use, but the rest of the specs sound awesome. Especially the amount of expansion I can do (or even host two servers on the machine as it has 2 CPU cores and 8GB of ram)
        • They're slightly over the budget though.
      • User below said their CPU’s aren’t good for mc hosting.
    • EclipseMinecraft
      • are more expensive than DedicatedMinecraft and aren't as popular.
      • was contacted by their staff for advertisement, rather than posting their site in this thread for comments by other users. wouldn't recommend.
    • PebbleHost
      • are cheap, but I don't think they'll be reliable at all. there is always a price for something too cheap imo. my next choice after DedicatedMC.
    • DedicatedMinecraft
      • currently my option suggested by clx_ and blaukat, among others. fits perfectly into my budget and has great specs.
      • seems to have the best prices of all hosts so far (excluding pebble of course)
      • received some negativity (check the thread), my opinion still unchanged however.
    • BuyVM, ExtraVM
      • Heard good things about them but too expensive
    Help would be much appreciated as I've never ventured into Minecraft server hosting before.
    I will continually edit this post to let other server owners know what's good without scrolling through the whole thread.
    Cheers everyone
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  2. I'd suggest dedicatedmc.io if it fits in your budget. Wouldn't recommend going for a VPS with your budget.
  3. Cheers for the suggestion! After taking a look, I realised I forgot to mention a dedicated IP was required too as it will be a public server. I'll bump up my budget and add it to the requirements.
    Unfortunately $33 AUD is way out of my park for the Premium plan which is the only one with a dedicated IP.
  4. Dedicated IP is highly unnecessary. Use DDNS or buy a domain name & use an SRV record.
  5. I never knew I could do that. DedicatedMC.io is now one of my options, thank you! It fits perfectly into my budget.
    I'm still looking for other hosts if there are any better deals out there.
  6. How many plugins do you plan to have?
  7. I highly doubt you're going to get better deals out there. DedicatedMC is by far the only provider I know out there that has pricing that makes sense for the specifications you get.
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  8. I’ll have a custom world generator along with a handful of regular public and private plugins. The big stuff apart from world gen will be programmed by me so I have no worries of performance on that part
    World is pregenerated and world border is at 15k
    I think 75 plugins total
  9. Alright cheers for the info man much appreciated
    Sorry for the double post, editing and quoting on an iPad is horrible
  10. I think it would pretty much come down to how experienced you are with working with a VPS. A lot of people recommend a VPS on this forum while in my opinion they aren't necessarily better. A shared host like Skynode, Pebblehost or whatever other host probably use equivalent, or better hardware than a VPS and are priced lower. And all in all give you better support, custom features that aren't available to individuals and offer you a reliable and secure platform. Only downside is that, like the name implies, you do share resources with others which isn't necessarily bad but with unreputable hosts it can form a problem where too many servers are placed on one machine.
  11. I hope Skynode is not reselling Contabo anymore, because that fucking sucked.
  12. Cheers for the recommendation. Since you are affiliated with them I would appreciate if anyone had words on them. Notes what clx_ said above
  13. Haha nope we haven't used them in a very, very long time. We use OVH and a private hosting company for all our services.
  14. Shared: ExtraVM. Excellent hardware, competent management with prompt replies that never feel canned. I've used them on-and-off since 2016. 18 AUD would get you a 4GB plan there which should be just fine honestly unless you're expecting 30+ on right out of the gate. I'm running a survival server with 4GB RAM (1.15.2) currently with 28 plugins and a render distance of 6 and so far we've peaked at concurrent 18 players this map without any issues.

    BuyVM have been around for nearly a decade in the VPS market and have an excellent reputation, a google search will show this. They're just not a mega corporation. For $30/m you get 8GB RAM and two dedicated E3-1270v3 (Haswell 3.5GHz) cores, OVH's 8GB plan is about half that price with slower 2GHz+ CPUs (old E5's?) which is a nightmare for 1.14+ servers. If you need protection they've got filtered IP's with CF Magic Transit for 3 bucks a month, been told TCP filtering is "ok" at this point but improving.
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  15. I also want to open a survival 1.15 sv, and I have encountered the problem of which host is better and such, first I wanted a VPS and asked about the best VPS host, but then I thought it is silly, because if I will only have 1 better server to use a single MC host and now, since it would have better performance than in the VPS and it would also be cheaper, and then ask what was the best MC Host, and in theory the one that works best is this : https://extravm.com/minecraft.php, If you decide on MC Host that is the best page, if you prefer VPS this is the best host: https://buyvm.net/kvm-dedicated-server-slices /.
  16. yummyfps

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    Second vouch for Dedicatedmc.io. Having used their budget servers in the past they have always run well and with very few problems, the CEO Tehlo is ridiculously quick to respond to support tickets and it is a super active part of the r/admincraft subreddit. Having used Scalacube, MC-Pro Hosting, and Pebblehost before no one even comes close to Dedicatedmc.
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  17. If anyone can vouch for you that’d be good
    You have nice prices but you don’t need to offer so many cpu codes : P
    Ah great to know thanks
    very informative post. I want to future proof it for 40 or 50 players max, I won’t be increasing the player cap due to 1.15
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  18. A person affiliated with EclipseHosting california has messaged me, however their prices are far higher than DedicatedMinecraft's. Anyone got opinions on them?
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  19. Any host that slides into your DMs without replying on the thread is an instant no from me, because they likely have something to hide.
    If it's https://eclipse-hosting.ca/ we're talking about, it looks like a teenager Minecraft host that'll die in a few months.
  20. Alright. Yeah I’ve received a few DMs but no posts here which is unusual so I’ll be careful with them