What hosting would you recommend me?

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  1. Hello guys I'm opening a server with my friends and we want to get a 4gb ram host. We'll have around 50 slots maybe a little more(75 buuttttt maybe) and around 45 plugins. photo below:

    Our budget is like 20$ a month. We found one host called server.pro where 4gb is 20$ but we are not sure about it. So if you have a different host that would be good feel free to share ^^

    Thanks ^^

    - L

  2. add me on discord NickE#0085
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  3. https://nodecraft.com
    I know you want to keep the monthly bill under $20, but nothing compares to NodeCraft
  4. At the moment i use http://shockbyte.com


    you can probably get rid of some plugins such as easy kits and use the essentials kits if you know what i mean
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  5. I highly recommend using oxide hosting.

    They have one of the best support & services I have ever seen. The owner won't hesitate twice to help you. It's pretty cheap & a lot of people including me, seem to think it's pretty high quality.
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  7. Same here, Sparked is such a good host. Sounds like the perfect host for what the OP is needing.
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  8. Best one i found is https://www.meloncube.net/
    Amazing prices,
    Super fast support tickets takes 1-10 min to answer,
    Got Eu and US multiple locations,
    Unlimited slots, Unlimited SSD STORAGE WHAT! i say when i saw that
    Super easy Scheduled tasks and customisable
    You also get an enjin site and buycraft free for 30 days if that helps you chosing this one.

    1 downside backup prices for longer times is kinda bad

    Currently have 2 servers with them 1 8gb for 27$ Includes dedicated ip and daily backups and some other stuff base price for a 8gb server is 24$ (Location might differ in prices),
    and i have 1 6gb running from them. Which i pay 21$ usd includes Dedicated ip and 1 dailybackup. base price i belive is 18$ Its either 2$ a gb or 3$ not 100% sure but i believe its one of the better ones out there (Have only tried 3 btw so cant say i know them all, but price talks and this was the cheapest with good hardware) There is cheaper but with terrible CPU and no storage
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  9. I'm legit moving away from OVH right now...

    Note they only guarantee 1000 IOPS.
  10. Wow thats actually really good, um i am not to good at the CPUs, Intel Xeon 2630v4 CPU with 4 shared cores. Do you know what that would imply? the sharing of cores that is, but wouldnt fit me i need my unlimited storage XD 20gb would not satisfy all my things, currently my server is 100gb XD
    nvm tried to buy one to test if it would run my server but they are all out of stock FeelsBadMan
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  11. There are plenty of hosts that have unmetered SSD storage :)
  12. Please open a ticket on our Discord.
  13. You could give deluxenode a try, their standard minecraft hosting plans should be enough for you. It's quite cheap but the performance is still great.
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  14. I'd suggest using the following hosts: Pebblehost, Excaliburnode, SparkedHost or even FastSRV.
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  15. The only 4 hosts I would recommend are NodeCraft, SparkedHost, DeluxeNode, and SkyNode
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  16. BisectHosting have a great service and support.
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