What is best hardware for a big network?

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  1. When I had all my minecraft servers onto one machine.. It ended up running out of memory and stopped saving data even though there was enough ram and storage left.

    I was wondering if anybody knows why that happened? I was running 4 servers on a 32GB machine.

    Anyways can anybody recommend anything for a big network server, I am hoping to try set them up again.
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    Player count per server and estimate plugin count?
    Running Bungee on the same machine?
    Hardware specs of the current one?
  3. There was roughly about 150 players online.
    The Freebuild server had probably 40% of them players.
    There was probably around 40 plugins on each of the servers.

    I was running all the servers on the same machine, Op system: Ubuntu server 11.10
    Hareware specs: http://www.ovh.co.uk/dedicated_servers/sp_32g_ssd.xml
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    Timings? Startup scripts? Snapshots? We need much more information.
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    I have that server, it can hold easily 250+ players in a Bungeecord setup.
    Though not all my servers have 40 plugins, most only have 7-14 plugins and my main server has 30.

    Agreed, this is needed.
  6. For what you have, you should be able to hold 150 players, bungeecoord and 4 servers....

    I ran about 9 servers, and about 1,000 players online between all of them on an Dual E5-2620 64gb ram, bungeecoord was on its own server seeming how it uses tons of cpu.

    Servers included creative, survival, survivalgames, hub, and a few other minigames