Solved What is Bungeecord?

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  1. What is Bungeecord? What is purpose of it? What features it has? Why should I use it? I never used it, I only know that this has to do something with servers network.
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  2. So, this only for redirecting from server to server? That's all it does?
  3. Yep. its for networks (Mineplex, Hypixel, ArkhamNetwork Ect.)
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  4. Why it's not just implemented into Spigot?
  5. Because its the proxy

    This is how it works


    The bungeecord is not an actual server, it is an API that connects all the servers together and it only works if you join via it. Spigot, On the other hand, Is a Fork of Bukkit/CraftBukkit.
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  6. Sounds like wasting of performance.
  7. It's not.

    Would you rather have multiple servers for multiple game modes, or cram about 20 on one server overloading it?
  8. You could just make multiple servers without Bungeecord.
  9. Not if you want ease to connect quickly. you would have to connect with multiple ips,

    or, do the easy option of Bungeecord.
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  10. Well, this is the reason why servers list is for.
  11. No.

    Look. Bungeecord is easier for the user and staff. thats why people use it ok?
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  12. If you would have completely different 2-3 servers, would you use bungeecord?
  13. I would, Personally. That way everyone can play them at the same time and not have to press "Disconnect" and reconnect. Just do /server <servername>
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  14. As FawksX said, simply put Bungeecord is a proxy server that connects multiple spigot servers to 1 IP address and port. You join via a single IP to a lobby server where you can then connect via portals, server selectors, commands, etc. to the other server instances.
    The other option is multiple servers all having a separate port number.
    BungeeCord is the clear winner if you want to allow access to all of you servers without ever having to disconnect/reconnect.

    As far as resources go you can support ~500 players + some plugins on ~512MB of RAM.
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  15. So you think it's worth it to reduce performance and safety of server just to save couple clicks?
  16. If you don't Want to use it just don't. We can't make your decision for you.
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  17. Yes
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  18. I'm not judging, i'm just curious.
  19. But whats the point of having 3 or 2 servers running at the same time?