What is causing this lag?

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  1. It's either dynmap or too many worlds.
  2. NoCheatPlus and Dynmap are heavy plugins.

    Also rarely CoreProtect's database corrupts and can take down tps to 18 tps. But it will throw errors into console every few minutes.
    ....My bet its coreprotect having its database corrupt. Its happened to me about 5 times over a year. It lowers tps without showing it in timings.

    Also you can have 30 worlds and not have tps problems. The issue with having more worlds is its more chunks to generate from the seed the first time a player goes into them and moves around. Aged worlds use the least amount of data. Once that is done then chunk loading wont use near as much data unless you have players fly hacking and flying non-stop one direction eating data. Which is why world boarder exists. But yeah you do have a bunch of worlds. but that isnt the lead cause of your tps issue, but it isnt helping.

    Even then i bet its CoreProtect acting up like it always does.

    EDIT: Also who is your host? What cpu is the server running on?
  3. dynmap i would say but not sure
  4. I tried dynmap before. When it comes to plugins, if major servers are using it and are running fine, then the plugin most likely runs fine.

    BUT dynmap creates SO many files so it will eat up hard drive space. And youll never be able to back up the dynmap folder if you have many worlds.
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    I use the MySQL option for Dynmap, so I don't think it's making soo many files that may cause lag. I'll check coreprotect out and make a new DB but it does use MySQL as well. I also use one of the crappiest hosts out there, OVH.com with their VPS classic 3.
  6. OVH crappy? :eek:
    Anyways, look at pretty much any red number, that means they're putting a strain on the server: for plugins, it's Dynmap, Essentials, KillerMoney and MultiworldMoney
  7. no
    That's all I'm saying to you.
  8. Mobs give lag and you need restart the server sometimes.
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  9. Identities? :eek:
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    Quite often the system load is higher than 3! But right now it's at .15. They're definitely overselling their VPS.
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    Is not the minecraft server, get a better vps with strong cpu/cores or stop using shared hosts
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    What's your CPU? That timings report seems generally fine (Besides maybe dynmap)
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    He uses a VPS from ovh Classic 3
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  15. Dynmap isnt the issue it is probably to many worlds. Dynmap if you search it on the site shows it isnt using much ram and at the top the world "Survival 2" is using up ram