What is cousing lags

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  1. What is your server specs?

  2. the stadt map is on a ram disk and the rest are on 2 ssd in raid 0 the ssd has 20 gb left off 256 gb and the ram disk has 2 gb left

    only the stadt map loads extreamly slow but the cpu isent under high using
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  3. Whats the CPU clock speed?
    How large is your ram disk?
    Ho much total Ram?
    How old are your SSDs?
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  4. cpu =8* 2.3 ghz (amd) i know this is crap you know a hoster wher i can get a server for 49€ wich has god cpu for 4 server
    ram disk 10 gb
    total ram = 32gb
    sdd 2 weaks the old ones died the hoste give me a colpledly new main bort + sdd
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    CPU is your problem, minecraft is not to any usable point able to use the cores, its all about clock speed.
  6. sure but theer is o core on full load only on big world edit but normaly its only maximal by 30% load even when a player join
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    a AMD 2.8 CPU is vary poor for minecraft, well you may see 30% load spikes make lag, and you normally don't see these.

    IMO this is a far better sever for minecraft
  8. ok make it sens to buy an server from amerika when im form germany `? wil it caus lags ?
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    Op is German.
    He would want European servers not American ones. The latency will be high for him.
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  12. yeah wold be grad if this wher a eu server
  13. i just want a lag free game play for may user no more idk if it matter iff the server is posit in congo or anny wher i just want laggy fre game low price but good perfomenc and low ping
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    I get players from all over the world. I get a lot of players from Saudi Arabia, as well as from Europe, Especially the UK. The latency for american players is not too high and is 100% playable anyway.
  15. Well its just my opinion lol
    But i get 300ms ping from my server when i lived in England
    Now living in Canada Wooo!! but anyway
    https://www.wholesaleinternet.net/ is a good provider
    Very good ping everywhere :)
  16. hello all i tjimng i solved the problem
    1. the ssd has nem replaced with a new one samsung 840pro 256 gb

    2.i jzst updated may server to debian7 and install a real time kernel now is the cpu load balaced betwen core 1-8 and even when i atack may server with a strong join bot tps goas only down to 19,5 and when we play with 10 player on diferent worlds we dont hace any lags