What is decreasing the performance most.

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  1. As the title says, what is decreasing the performance the most in this timings report.
    I known Skript is the plugin that takes the most off the cpu but only like 5% right?
    The tps is good i know but some times with more players the tps drops and we're already using a really good cpu so what could we improve? I already looked at this thread:
    So it should be all good but here is my spigot.yml:
  2. Celebrimbor


    When your average load is less than 100% but you have TPS loss, you look to the PCT Tick column for single tasks that are not contributing to continuous lag, but one-time processes that cause a spike in CPU usage. The green squares show your server is keeping up with normal tasks (in general), but the red notes show that one-time process, that when run, causes a heavy taks that when combined with the normal/continuous tasks causes a TPS loss.


    I hope this helps.
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