What is gonna happen in 1.13?

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Who is hype for 1.13?

  1. I am hype!

  2. Plz no change 1.12 :D

  1. The 1.13 update is going to be coming soon.
    Will plugins still work for 1.13?
    Back a few years when 1.9 came out almost all of my 1.8 plugins stopped working.
    Will this happen again?
    Will most plugins break?
  2. Check news and announcements for API preview 4
  3. Plugins don't work because their developers haven't incorporated higher version compatibility yet. It just depends on the developer and the type of plugins. If something doesn't work and you can't find another plugin, there are always developers up for hire (or learn Java yourself). ;)
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  4. It's almost like the frontpage could answer all your questions.