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  1. Hello.

    so basically, my friend called me and told me that his server got "hacked".
    I wasn't sure how but he told me that those "hackers" could only send console commands in a specific server.
    They were advertising their discord server with the "/say" command.
    so I joined their discord server, someone there told me that all of the plugins have been infected with a "virus".
    he also told me that the infected plugin should have 2 things
    1- a package named java.assist
    2- a class that calls MainL10

    I checked all the plugins in the plugins folder and all of them have the same package and classes.
    the reason this is happening because my friend downloaded a plugin from an untrusted website.

    I really want to know how this works, how could they infect plugins, how could they control the console.

    source code here
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    Those resouces are indeed all infected, and imo that's what they get for downloading them from an untrusted website.
    However, you'll have to re-download all of them