Spigot What is love [Inactive] 1.2

Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more <3

  1. Moozter submitted a new resource:

    What is love - Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more <3

  2. @Moozter My Nan could create something better than this...
  3. I don't see your Nan on the contributors list
  4. She's going to make a better one
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  5. The performance of this plugin is very poor, it crashed my server, and proceeded to clear a 5000x5000 radius when /whatislove was input.
  6. Blind. A chat effects on world? blind.
    The performance is perfect. Nice plugin. Keep it up.
  7. Love the plugin, very good quality, I would give it a solid Donald Trump seal of approval. However it does not build a wall.
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  8. Thank you for bringing in this plugin into the mc world... You have changed millions of lives.. Donate now to 072394738629369268239236236278352873572983592352743428. A donation can make this plugin go stronger... #Whatislove
  9. Amazing plugin, lots of really hard work and hours put into this. As a developer myself, I think this would be extremely difficult to replicate. I have this on iRyDan_PvP Craft and it works just fine. The players love it. Thanks :D
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