What is NMS, metadata and NBT exactly?

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  1. Could anyone explain me what these are exactly? I tried searching these things for a definition and an explanation of what they are but I could not find anything.
    I know metadata is important but I don't know exactly what it is and what it is for.
    Same for NMS and NBT. They sound like they are important cause people mention them but I never stoped to think what they are.
    Sorry if this question looks so stupid but it's the first time I get into these things.
    • NMS, the acronym for the net.minecraft.server package. Often advanced features, not doable via the Bukkit/SpigotAPI like packets use classes from NMS. The only bad thing is NMS changes every version.
    • Metadata is extra data in correlation to an object. Entities can have metadata like their name, if it's a certain type of entity. And metadata is stored by minecraft using NBT. Other things like blocks and items have metadata also.
    • NBT is an acronym for Named Binary Tag. Notch made it and it's just another way to store data in a file.
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  2. Thank you!
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