What is the best anti cheat?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by RubensCM, May 26, 2018.

  1. AAC is better for me
  2. I haven't tested AAC in a long time but I had tried spartan recently in the past month. Spartan, at least with test server settings, seemed to do a really poor job at being accurate. Quite a few false positives while not cheating at all. On the plus side, it blocked bhopping which is kind of huge compared to other ac plugins currently. I haven't purchased either so take my stance with a grain of salt, but I'd go for AAC between the two.
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  3. AAC by far to be honest. Tested them both once and Spartan has so many false positives, while AAC did a pretty good job! Spartan is also just so overrated
  4. AAC for sure, although Spartan is getting there.
  5. AAC is probably the most reliable, Spartan really is overrated.
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  6. Spartan is the worst anti-cheat I've ever had, and AAC the opposite of that.
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  7. Spartan isn't as bad as you think, maybe you had bad configurations or plugins that was bugging the anticheat.
  8. AAC is better, but get your own custom coded one :p
  10. AAC with a good config.
  11. Recently switched from Spartan to AAC. So go with what the community suggests, cause they aren't biased, just telling whats good and bad.
  12. I think its AAC.
  13. The best one would be one you code yourself for your own server that fits your own needs.
  14. No because a lot of server owners doesn't know how to code. Also to code an anticheat you must know a lot of java so... nope ;)