What is the best anty spam plugin?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Cichusek, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Hey.
    I have +200 players on my server.
    Players are written normally, no spamming. Sometimes someone few times advertising their shop in the game. But with 200 players there is amazing spam :p

    I have local and global chat, however kids don't understand how it works. -.-
    Now I use ProSpam, but this terribly annoying my players.

    So what do you use? ;)
  2. Wazez


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  3. Sway

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  4. PhanaticD


    I use pwnfilter
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  5. LiLChris

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  6. Mikgreg


    I recommend that nobody uses the antiad spam detection... ever...
  7. I just use NoCheatPlus and the timer from Towny that only lets players type every 0.x Seconds :3
  8. Wazez


    You're some what right. However, anti-ad can ban players that over spam, or in this case advertise.
    Primarily, I use anti-ad to auto ban at least 10+ advertisers a day.
  9. Mikgreg


    Antiad is somewhat alright on detecting advertisements, but not spam.
  10. joshwenke

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    PwnFilter is the best!!
  11. Agreed. Pwnfilter is amazing. Love EpicATrain's work with his filter for it.