WHAT IS THE BEST? Eclipse vs Intellij.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by JoseGamer_PT, May 15, 2016.

  1. What is the best for make minecraft plugins?
  2. wordpad
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  3. No.
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  4. Yes
  5. sticking your hands down your hard drive and scratching it manually with a nail
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  6. Yes, with git and maven support, along with amazing compatibility with other OS's, it definitely beats them all.
  7. I think this topic has been covered already a lot:

    -Easy to use

    -more integration less bugs
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  8. No.
    No 2.
  9. Intelij for maven ^^
  10. Choco


    It's honestly up to personal preference. I've used Eclipse since I've started doing Java in general (Not just Minecraft plugins) over a year and some-odd months ago. Eclipse is easy to use, and it's something you kind of get used to quite easily. I've heard that IntelliJ does what Eclipse does but a lot better. Personally, I think that people who defend either Eclipse or IntelliJ are just doing it because it's the IDE that they prefer. I'll bet you anything there's someone out there defending BlueJ because that's what they prefer to use. That's not necessarily wrong, but most people (including myself) find that IDE kind of disgusting and feature-less.

    It's your preference. They both accomplish the same task, so it doesn't matter :/
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  11. Thanks for your comment!
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  13. Personally, i prefer Microsoft Word. Honestly, its all up to personal preference.
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  14. No. Seriously.
  15. There are a couple IDE wars buried in various threads around here but I still kind of enjoy them so I'll post my opinion on the matter.

    I started out using eclipse and it does have a really nice set of features, it is pretty clean and has a bunch of plugins which is nice. On the other side though so does IntelliJ. To really tell the difference between the 2 you have to try them out because just listing off what they do side by side makes them very similar. When you actually start developing in IntelliJ vs. eclipse you will notice fairly quickly that the content assist really is like a person inside of your head that is completing your statements for you. Something that I thought was a minor thing but turned out to be very effective in improving development time was that in IntelliJ it isn't too difficult to get used to keeping your hand off your mouse and just using the keyboard. I would recommend IntelliJ (community is more than fine, it is what I use even with access to the full version for students just because I don't need the extra features and so I will free up some resources).

    Seriously though give both a try and pick what you like because the fact that there are people on both sides of this that feel very strongly about the IDE they like goes to show that both are great tools.
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  16. Eclipse + Maven sucks. I think I'd prefer IntelliJ if I could choose again.
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  17. Please fix the grammar lol
    its kinda messing with me..
  18. Neither, use emacs.
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  19. Just wanted to point out, there should be an apostrophe between the it and the s.
    can you like... edit that.. it's messing with me..
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