What is the best faction plugin

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  1. as the title says what is the best faction plugin and the most common one? Dosent matter if it is free or cost money

    I want a faction plugin so you can do command such as /f claim 5 /f join (PlayersName)

    and stuff like that what every faction server has what plugin do they use?

  2. Factions is the best ^^
  3. FactionsUUID from @drtshock is the original old factions syntax you're looking for. $15 unless you know how to compile with maven from its open source on github. :p
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  4. so is that what every faction server uses ?
  5. Factions

    Pretty sure they all do those depending on the server. Every server doesn't use the same one. Some are these, some are completely custom.
    Idk which is technically best. Depends on your preference.

    Factions is clusterfucked with a bunch of annoying and somewhat pointless commands.
    FactionsOne requires you to get an addon to do something as simple as talk to your faction members/allies in faction chat.
    FactionsUUID has factionchat already within it, but the support if somethings wrong or if you have an idea for the plugin is pretty nonexistent.

    I'd suggest kind of going through all of them and choosing which you think fits your server best.

    Factions - FactionsUUID - FactionsOne
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  6. so what do you guys think is the best plugin for me?

    I want it to do this following commands:

    /f c f - gose to faction chat
    /f c a - gose to ally chat
    /f c p gose to public chat
    /f c e gose to enemy chat

    /f claim 1 - claims 1
    /f claim 2 - claim 2
    /f claim (all the nummbers)

    /f help

    /f enemy (Faction or player)

    /f who (Player Name) - shows what faction they are in
    /f enemy (Faction or PlayerName) - enemys faction
    /f ally (Name or player) - allys the faction

    and I think you know what king of faction plugin I wish to have do you guys know what I am on about and what sort of plugin I would like? If you know please tell me the cost and the link to plugin website
  7. Figure out yourself, we aren't your personal support desk
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  8. FactionsUUID sounds like it except the /f claim #

    I believe regular Factions (massivecore one) has the /f claim # but lacks the /f who with /f f or /f p
  9. no need to be toxic, when someone is asking for help on a thread. Don't post if you won't contribute :)
  10. FactionsUUID is your best bet, or you can try to get FactionsOne which is free and install the addon to get FactionChat.
  11. well what do big faction server usely use ?
  12. what do factions usely use what faction plugin?
  13. Lets just say FactionsUUID since that's the most commonly know one aside from Factions itself. But I'm fairly certain "big" factions servers use a somewhat custom Factions plugin.
  14. ok one question if I download that what sort of add ones can I download and how would I download then and where would I drop them off in the server?
  15. Just look around at the Spigot page, there are plenty of addons available.
  16. if I wanted a custom faction plugin how and where would I go to get it? And how much money am I looking at?
  17. you're looking at alot if you want truly custom features :p Development is crazy if you have unique ideas that could revolve around faction warring or raiding in territories, complicated outposts or requirements for a faction claim etc.