What is the best host for my minecraft server ? (100 players slots Max)

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  1. Hi everyone i wanted to know, what is the best solution for making a server with at least 500 slots, not laggy and located in France / Europe if possible ?
    Because it's a survival RP type server, i will maybe make 1 or 2 servers and creating a network but it will depends on the host quality... Any ideas for what's better ?

    My needs:
    - 100 players slots Max.
    - A good connection.
    - A dedicated IP if possible.
    - 2 servers offers and more if it really is needed.
    - Price under 300 per year if possible.

    Well, waiting for your suggestions guys !
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  2. No shared host will be suitable for 500 players. You'd be looking at dedicated servers. For good quality, I'd recommend OVH but there is no way you'd get one for $300 a year. Start small, upgrade infrastructure upon growing.
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  3. I completely agree with the comment above. $300 a year translates to $25 a month and there's no way you're going to be able to have 500 players each with a good connection with that budget.
  4. Any dedicated server host for only $300 per year isn't going to perform well for even 250+ players.

    when you talk 500+, you want nvme ssd, dual channel ram of 16gb, so you can allocate 10gb min/max to paper, (or spigot) and a cpu that's great at singlethread performance over it's competition.
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  5. I'd recommend using a Minecraft host until you reach the massive player base sizes, where you can then move to a dedicated server as you probably would have gotten some people donating and buying ranks.
  6. You're not gonna get 500 players on a single MC server, no matter what kind of power you throw at it
  7. Ok thanks for you replies ! I will maybe start with an Apex Hosting server then ^^ With 100 players limit.
  8. You can have unlimited slots, this is just a stupid marketing technique with minecraft server hosting companies to think you're paying for more slots. If you filled all of those slots with players there's no way their servers would cope.
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  9. Don't get a minecraft host, get a VPS.
  10. I would like to, but it's way too pricy for me right now... and i don't know much of this stuff... So i think a host is good for the very beginning right ?
  11. Where does your 500 slot requirement come from then? A dedicated server isn't expensive for someone that has a reasonable player base with a decently steady revenue. Either you have loads of players and are somehow not making revenue off of them, or you don't have anywhere near 500 players. I'm guessing the latter, in which my suggestion would be to lower your requirements of hardware because you won't be needing it anytime soon anyway. Don't have 500 players? Don't get hardware for 500 players. Your budget of 300 a year (assuming dollar or euro) just doesn't get you that kind of hardware anyway. 300 a year is 25 a month. Cheapest that comes the closest to that is a dedicated server at SoYouStart, which should handle 500 players, just not on one Minecraft server.
  12. I quite modified my requirements because it was too unrealistic for a beginning, i just need around 50 / 100 player slots now, but it's again too much for us... What can i do ?
  13. That's a lot more realistic with that budget. @clx_ any suggestions?
  14. We have a communauty already, but it's quite sleepy since it's been a year or two they left, because they did everything on it. So now i took back this server and made it completely different from it's original idea. I only need 100 slots at least to preview the arrival of players if the server is cool at its release. But maybe 50 is more reasonable ?
  15. i pretty searched for the best host, and the better i found was Apex Hosting, and from far. Best replies and is well known, with a France location for my server (I am french and want to make it in France if possible, for french players).
  16. Si tu es français, OVH reste la référence incontournable.
  17. Que me proposerais tu pour OVH en offre ? Il me faut juste assez de performances pour faire tourner un serveur de 50 joueurs on va dire.
  18. En fonction de ton budget, pas grand chose pour OVH directement. (Les offres dédiées commencent à partir de 50 euros HT il me semble).
    En revanche, tu peux aller voir du côté de SYS, la filière moyen de gamme d'OVH: https://www.soyoustart.com/fr/serveurs-game/

    Un bon petit serveur Game et tu es large, cela variera bien-sûr avec l'optimisation de ton serveur, la taille de la map, les plugins etc. Néanmoins, si tu prends tout cela en compte, tu peux tenir les 50 voir les 100 joueurs sur ce genre de serveur. Ils sont adaptés pour le jeu en ligne comme en témoigne le nom "Game".
    Les serveurs sont localisés en France, tu le sais déjà, de plus OVH possède de nombreux partenariats de peering pour favoriser le ping sur leurs serveurs.
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