What is the best minecraft server host?

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What do you think is the best host?

  1. Anvilnode

  2. Mcprohosting

  3. Beastnode

  4. Meloncube

  5. Bisect Hosting

  6. Hosthorde

  7. ExtraVM

  8. Contabo

  9. OVH

  10. OMG Serve

  1. I was mostly looking for a host that would match the price of anvilnode...
  2. Oh crud! no more mcprohosting!!! they have the worst prices in minecraft hosting history!
  3. yes they have a nice panel and good support, but that realy doesn't matter to me as long as its cheap, i can use the control panel, and the support is helpful
  4. I'm not trying to sound picky, but I still think that ExtraVM is overpriced
  5. Still can't match anvilnode, and is not in USD
  6. Why are you arguing with yourself?
  7. Their panel is good and their support is good but their pricing is high asf.
  8. Try Clovux. It's pretty cheap and I got 100% uptime during my 3 months stay with them. @UElitez is awesome. :)
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  9. I use theminecrafthosting.
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  10. ExtraVM all the way.
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  11. OVH is highly reputable, so out of the options within the poll my vote would have to go to them, but for you needs with a small server I would recommend shared hosting.
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  13. I Had some doubts about Anvilnode's packages, so I put in an inquiry, which they answered very quickly.

    The Anvil Plan Servers do not mention any slot limitations, however the Gold Plan Servers state that they have unlimited slots.

    Yes, anvil plans do have limited slots, you can purchase an add-on for unlimited slots for 2$.

    Here are the slots per plan:
    2GB 15 slots
    3GB 30 slots
    and from here it's +10 slots per GB
  14. Mate, price is a factor that should be considered above virtually anything else. If you know how to run your own server, never use MCPH.

    Dude. Combine your replies. You have an edit button on your posts, you know.
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  15. ok sorry about that
  16. Overpriced? Heck no. More like you're paying for quality.
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  17. @wupasscat I only suggest ExtraVM.

    I took the same path as you did, from MCProhosting to Beastnode, and to the final destination where I'm paying 9 USD each month for a 3GB server, and I have only good things to say about ExtraVM's service.

    The service is amazing a lot cleaner and friendly than beastnode and mcprohosting. If you use the multicraft panel, its a lot better organized and easier to read than the other services, if you use filezilla its just as great. As you may noticed there is a very active owner lurking on these forums who's very wise and responsive to questions.
  18. Plug much?
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  19. Isn't that advertising? @Germanode who once picked about advertising? Aren't you just having your team advertise your host for you? SMH
  20. He is a live chat support agent. Currently in testing to see if he will do good.
    @Phill Stop with the stupid advertising.
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