what is the best plugin for FACTIONS (OPEN)

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  1. hi what is the best cost faction plugin and why is it the best one?

    And people say you can add adons to it like faction chat how do you evern do that?
  2. FactionsUUID or FactionsOne
  3. I am going to ask I really don't get this. What is the diffrends between the free factions and the cost factions? What is the diffrends?
  4. FactionsUUID is the original, it has the layout like TheArchon's, FactionsOne is more a newer more customizable, but not as reliable version. I would prefer FactionsUUID. Take your pick.
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  5. Dose the archon use FactionsUUID
  6. Yes.
  7. how do you know?
  8. and can I add ad ons to it as well? Like add stuff to factions
  9. Sigh, if you don't believe me, look at what things like f who look like from FactionsUUID on youtube and stuff, then compare it to thearchon's.
  10. Not sure
  11. ok but how would I intall it? Like do I have to delete my old factions plugin and folder?
  12. What old factions plugin did you use..?
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  13. Think for yourself my man, just look at the features and choose what you want.

    Getting opinions is fine but people have already given theirs.
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  15. FactionsUUID
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  16. FactionsUUID is the best plugin Faction ( for me )
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