What is the best proxy?

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┬┐What proxy is better?

  1. BungeeCord

  2. Waterfall

  3. Travertine

  4. Aegis

  5. Flamecord

  6. Velocity

  7. Other(Say which)

  1. Waterfall is like bungeecord but with some improvements and no drawbacks, so that's usually my choice.

    Velocity seems great, specially for performance, but many proxy plugins don't support it & the reality of the matter is that performance of the proxy server is really not a concern, unless you have a huge playerbase.
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  2. Tux


    That's my screenshot, and it was slowing down Velocity (and not any other proxy, that server still uses Velocity to this day without problems). Even with that higher overhead, Velocity still wins in terms of performance and resource usage by a long shot. (At the time, I was looking to flush out a remaining memory leak, but it looked like I fixed the only memory leak of note back in January 2020.)

  3. FlameCord is bad. Warefall is gut. The default bungeecord is for beginers.
  4. I don't agree that flamecord is bad, why do you think it's bad?