What is the best version to use for a server?

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  1. I am currently in the process of creating a server that will have prison, factions, survival, etc. which version of spigot is better from 1.8?

    pd: then I will use viaversion, so that my players enter with 1.12
  2. 1.12.2 is by far the best version to begin making new servers on.
    If you, unfortunately, have to make it 1.8 from the beginning, at least use Paper.
  3. I would recommend leaving your lobby on the 1.8 version, the pvp servers same (because the pvp is better in 1.8), and the Survival, Faction, Prison and other main servers or 1.12.
    1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 aren't necesarry anymore on a server.
    Most of players will probably like this decision, especially if you're using ViaVersion.
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  4. The latest possible because has more features and less bugs, and if you like (for any reason) old combat there are plugins for it.
  5. Definitely 1.8: Prison, KitPVP, Factions (especially for cannoning & other stuff thats broken in 1.9+), any heavily pvp-oriented gamemodes that don't benefit from the new 1.9+ features at all

    Definitely Latest (1.12.2):
    Survival, Creative, RolePlaying (RPG, anything that involves roleplaying really)

    1.8 or Latest: Skyblock - depends if you want to have your game pvp-oriented. You can replicate 1.8 pvp in 1.12+ but there's still issues like fishing rods used in PVP & the pvp isnt truly 1.8 which some players who play only for the pvp will notice.
  6. I am using 1.9.4 with viaversion and it works fine
  7. It depends a lot on the type of server you are making, but if you are trying to build a large player base I would suggest allowing versions 1.8 and above. You won't be able to take full advantage of some of the new features in the latest versions, but I personally believe that the amount of players who still use 1.8 makes it worth it.

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