What is the best way to learn java?

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  1. I'm a guy who is still in school and according to my future aim I want to be a programmer. I'm interested in Java and I think that this is the right time to start. But there is a problem. I can't find a good place to learn java in a convenient or proper way. I don't care how much time it will take. I just want to be good in java. So, I want your suggestion. How can I learn Java or How did you guys learn Java? I mean did you read books or did you learn it online or did you go to college or....?! Please help me guys :)!
  2. Personally I went to college and am currently attending a Computer Science course at university, but they didn't accept me before learning a good amount myself first.

    If you're the book kinda guy some good reads are:
    Thinking in Java
    Object-Oriented Programming
    Objects first with Java
    97 things every programmer should know
    The art of readable code

    Video tutorials:
    thenewboston's YouTube playlist
    thenewboston's intermediate YouTube playlist

    Additionaly there are websites all over the place:
    Oracle's own tutorials
    Learn Java online

    The books are probably more pleasant to read after getting a grasp of the basics through the videos and online tutorials. Hope this helps to get you started.

    That said, the best way to learn is of course just trying things out!
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  3. My university taught Java from Basic to stupid tree's. Usually in 1 semester you can become more than proficient in Java in my experience. We had a companion book we used that was great for explaining and giving examples. Id suggest taking a class first but if you can't, if you like Youtube there are plenty of people out there who post tutorials. Both good and bad though. But it all comes down to what you can do and how you like learning. The javadocs are probably the dryest thing you could possibly read apart from Naval Ship Systems II.
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  4. Thanks alot dude. Now im thinking of taking a class. But I can only take a class after 2 years. So until then im gonna watch some videos and read few books so that I will get the basics. Once again thanks dude.
  5. Thanks for the reply dude and the reason I made this thread is because of the official java tutorials. I mean they are kinda dull and boring. Can you mention the name of the book you read and can I find it online?
  6. Formal classes aren't a necessity, but you should take them during or after you are proficient at any language. I myself used online tutorials for the whole 3+ years I've been studying Java, and am now taking a class.
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  7. Thank you for the reply. I finally found a book that matches my learning style. This is the book i just bought and I have to say it is really good. Their teaching method is good. I'm thinking of completing this book and watching a few youtube tutorials and finally taking a class and once again thank you for replying.