What is the best way to prevent "mob farms" on your server?

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  1. Both in terms of players abusing mob spawners and mob spawning mechanics (dark rooms with water that funnel mobs to a tube to be killed, etc).

    I want to buff loot for naturally-spawning mobs, but disable it for those from spawners, and do something to prevent mob farms from working or "trapped" mobs from giving loot.

    I would appreciate any suggestions and help!
  2. You can get an entities spawn reason then act upon that. So, maybe create an array list of all mobs spawned by a spawner and if a mob is killed and in that array list just remove drops and XP.

    Unless you're not a Java developer then I could probably write that for you.
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  3. This is a question about implemementation on plugin side?

    A plugin could nerf such in various ways, e.g. ...
    • Limit amount of mobs spawned within the same chunk/region. (Spawns in a chunk/region per so and so time -> randomly cancel, probably with probability depending on rate.)
    • Reduce loot/money for mobs killed in the same chunk/region. (Kills within a chunk/region per so and so time -> reduction, might need a compatible money for mobs plugin/concept).
    • Reduce loot for mobs with many other mobs nearby. (Simply check for nearby mobs, might need a compatible money for mobs plugin/concept)

    I don't know if any/many plugin do that (properly) but it's a selection of what one can do to offer 'some profit' while still not preventing loot fully. For myself, i used to use something like 32x32x32 'chunks'.
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  4. I'm not a developer, so links to any existing plugins to aid with this would be appreciated. :)
  5. Oh, you want to disable spawners if I read it correctly, I think thats in essentials too, if not I know there are many plugins that do that on the bukkit forums if not here
  6. I don't necessarily want to disable spawners, just the loot from mobs spawned by them. And that's only part of it.
  7. You can limit mobs per chunk in either bukkit.yml or spigot.yml, I'm not entirely sure which one it was, but you should be able to set a number using those. You don't need any additional plugin or mod to do this.
  8. @Wahrheit Do you also want mob money to be reduced? That would demand a mob money plugin that provides events for dealing money, so a loot-reduction plugin could alter the money they receive for a specific mob by hooking into that plugin.

    I'd be suprised if no plugin existed for that, but never know.

    You could include mob money, auto farm, and similar for your search. Not sure i feel like maintaining another small plugin, though i might.
  9. I don't have a mob money plugin. I don't know why you keep mentioning it. I'm talking about loot, the items that mobs drop.

    I also know about the spigot chunk limiting options, and use them - that doesn't keep people from still farming.
  10. I just mentioned those terms, because there is a chance that plugins that battle auto farming and other also have loot reduction. Possibly also search for 'grinder' or 'grinding'.
  11. React Smart server proformance to stop the lag :)
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  12. Lag isn't the problem, but also, I don't know what you mean.
  13. React limits how many mobs can spawn in one chunk.
  14. I think he wants entities who spawn from spawners to not drop loot, and im pretty sure thats not a plugin :p
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