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  1. hi,

    what is the best way to learn minecraft plugin making?
    can someone please send some links for beginners thanks
  2. There are already lots of threads about that topic. First start by learning the Java language.
  3. the think I don't get is that why do I need to learn java for minecraft plugins? Why don't I just go right in and learn about plugin making?
  4. Cos those plugins are written in Java, you need to understand how to build the system after it, just copying a code and pasting it in and saying you made it is not how it's going to work, you must understand how to format it...

    Source: Kinda myself and others....
  5. Because you write spigot or bukkit plugins in the Java language.
  6. but would I use all the java language for example

    is this a java language?

    public void

    extends JavaPlugin ?
  7. public, void and extends are Java keywords which you use if you write Java code. JavaPlugin is a Java class of the Bukkit api.
  8. can I have some video links please so I can start to learn
  9. Don't be lazy and check out the threads on this forum about starting to learn Java.
  10. what bit on the fourms is about java learning?>
  11. Of course we can give you links to some tutorials und stuff like that, but you should keep in mind that learning a programming language like Java isn't something you can do in a few hours, days, weeks or even months. You can also use google or look at such already existing threads.
  12. o is java a very hard thing to learn
  13. kms
  14. Yes, you need to learn Java. How plugin development works is you take a set of tools (the Bukkit and/or Spigot API) and you build something with them in the Java language. Without learning the language first, you won't understand the tools, thus limiting you greatly on what you will be able to build.

    Let's pretend we all make cars here instead of plugins. Some of us have been building cars for decades, so we are able to come to this community and build great cars with these new tools pretty easily. We know the language it takes to use these tools.

    If you've never built a car or used any kind of tools/machinery to build a car... you're not going to be able to just walk in and start using the tools and machinery to build a great car. You might be able to look at how other people are making things and slap something together real quick if you're smart enough.. but it's not going to be anything great nor will it be unique or innovative.

    Learn the language. Then you will not be limited by your skills in the language, but instead by your creativity. ;)
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  15. Thanks very much I will start looking now and thanks for your help I understand what you are saying to me now ty
  16. the one thing is like I am watching this java video and it is saying the first thing to do is public static like would I use that to make minecraft plugins? Like how do I know what to use for minecraft?
  17. Hex

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    I think that video may be misleading you. Video guides are often unreliable, which is why I always prefer to recommend text guides.
  18. Most standalone Java applications start with a public static void main, no?
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  19. this is what I don't understand like java ya but how do I know if I can use the same one in minecraft plugin?

    Like on this java video on Public void onEnable it has System().out.printIn("Hello world") ; Like would I use that in mc ?
  20. I hope you're not watching TheBCBroz...
    I'm serious, please don't.
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