What is the consensus on server versions? Is 1.8.8 phasing out?

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  1. I'm currently planning development of a new minigames server and I'm trying to decide which server version to use. I've been out of the Minecraft community for several years however "back in the day" a large number of servers stuck to 1.8.8 due to the combat changes in 1.9.

    Is it still standard to run 1.8.8 and use plugins such as "ViaVersion" to allow new versions to connect? I see on bstats.org that 1.8.8 currently has ~13% share but this figure doesn't mean much in isolation without statistics about how it has changed over time. While shows over 44% of servers running on 1.15.2 I also don't want to take this figure at face value as it is no doubt inflated by many small servers who just take the latest version.

    I've also read about some quite severe performance issues in versions 1.13 and 1.14 although I don't know if these were fixed in 1.15.

    While I have never been a fan of the combat update, at the end of the day it's more important what the general playerbase thinks. Do the majority of players these days still prefer the pre-1.9 style of combat or are players now expecting the post combat update mechanics to be included in their favourite mini-game servers?

    If someone could shed some light on what the general consensus is these days then that would be much appreciated! Also feel free to bring to my attention any other factors which you think I may have overlooked.
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    It is standard for servers that have a heavy PVP focus and a super tryhard fanbase, however in recent times that has started to change. Even people who ran on 1.8 before are making networks on newer versions. ( One example that I can think of is HCGames )

    Out of these three, I have heard mixed reports about whether 1.13 or 1.15 is better, but everyone agrees that 1.14 is the worst version performance-wise. If you are starting a minigames network I would consider running 1.12 as it should have enough features for you without the terrible performance of recent versions.

    It sounds like you are trying to cater to too large of an audience, you can't please everyone so don't try. If your minigames are combat-focused maybe try removing the attack timer or modifying combat in other ways.
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  3. @blaukat Thanks for the response!

    This might be because I'm not exactly sure how the playerbase is divided up these days. One thing I can absolutely say is that I probably can't appeal to the hardcore PvP community due to one of the core gamemodes being PvE based. I do intend to release custom versions of Factions later down the line which may appeal to the hardcore PvP players but that's not something I feel I should count on.

    Are there any standard / well supported plugins for providing old combat mechanics in newer versions or is it something I'd have to implement myself? Also how effective are they? I've heard that while plugins can obviously change how combat works server side it still doesn't feel great client side due to animations.

    With that said is it even something the playerbase (excluding hardcore PvPers) wants? Is there even a preference amongst the general playerbase towards one of the combat styles?
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    I have not found many good ones out there, it usually ends up feeling awkward and non-intuitive imo. The best that I have found is phantom-combat but it comes with a lot of other features that you may not be interested in.

    In my experience, most people prefer the new combat ( excluding hardcore PVPers ). But that could be because I mostly play with casual survival players lol.
  5. I've actually heard a few casual friends also hold this opinion. Do you know what the audience is like over on the Minecraft subreddit? I might try and do some sort of survey or something as market research before I commit to a specific direction.
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    Oh you are not going to find many pvp sweats on there lol, I would say they would prefer a system they are used to.
  7. Version 1.12.2 stable
  8. What is the consensus on server versions?

    I don't know, my personal opinion is: Don't fix what it's broken, but it doesn't hurt to stay current, and it's fun to give players new things by moving forward.