what is the difference between buying a host or run self as host

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  1. hallo,

    I see on google, that you can buy RAM for a minecraft server.
    but if you have self a big computer with enough RAM on your pc that you kan run on around 16000.
    can you run your server then by your one ? with a lot of player on your server? and what part does internet
    plays in this role ? if you buy RAM do you buy then also internet? to play on your server with a lot of people
    and when can you do it by your self? which specs do you need by internet. how many download speed or upload speed do you need to have?

    can somebody explane it too my.

    (sorry for bad englisch)

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  2. Running a home server isn't a great idea.
    Run speedtest.net and see what your Down/Up is. You want a decent Up speed.

    Running a dedicated machine off a service such as OVH is great if you're serious about running a successful server that you want to have full control of.

    If you use a MC Server Host you will run into a large amount of walls. From my own experience I would never use a Paid Host again for MC.

    RAM isn't the only thing that you need to be worried about either.

    Try this site: http://canihostaminecraftserver.com/
  3. RAM has minimal impact on performance. CPU, I/O, network are much more important.

    That site is pretty retarded. RAM isn't the only component of computer.
  4. Which is why I said RAM isn't the only thing that's important. I based that site more off the Up/Down speed results. I'm not saying it's 100% acurate but it can give OP a little better understanding of what he can expect from a Home Host.
  5. My download speed is 94.83 Mbps
    My upload speed is 20.66 Mbps

    Do you think i can run good with it ? with a lot of plugins?
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  6. My download speed is 94.83 Mbps
    My upload speed is 20.66 Mbps

    Do you think i can run good with it ? with a lot of plugins?
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  7. DDoS
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  8. @frash23 explained it fairly well:
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  9. Nice duplicate post.
    I love when people duplicate post. Also no I didn't quote the same message twice, they have post numbers and it's one different.
  10. 2 different people? idiot
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  11. that is your answer? ddos? thanks.
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  12. Probably not.
  13. It was infact you twice.
  14. Most ISPs don't offer your DDoS Protection, to my knowledge of some of the larger services (eg. Comcast, AT&T, etc.)
    So if you get it, you're going to take a full on attack that will take you offline until the attacker feels satisfied, that or you call your ISP and request an IP Change, something Comcast will refuse to do.

    Now if you want to host a small server for your friends and don't intend for it to really go public, Home Hosting would be fine. Allocate 1-4GB of RAM and you will be set. I had a old laptop with an Intel Celeron and 4GB of RAM running for 1-2 days before I would restart the computer. (A drawback of home hosting on a Windows Machine)

    Had that server running for a few months for friends. It was a Vanilla MC Server so I don't know how well it would have handled Plugins and such.
  15. My opinion is - need to run a server at home to see how it will work. cost to run at home - zero, looks how it will work, and then decides to leave the server at home or move to the host.
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  16. p.s. still need to find players )
  17. Starting up sucks, I had players join when I posted awhile ago on PMC, most were either claiming to be from PlanetMinecraft, or advertising their own server. Prime target for attacks.
    Only time I home host is when I'm building a test server and want faster control over it.

    Home Hosting should be left to friends, if you want a production level server, have it on production grade hardware.