What is the different between Dedi, VPS and what SQL is?

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  1. Hello,
    I am Jim, today I am making this small documentation in order to help newbies like myself understand the difference between a VPS and Dedi.
    Also I will be covering SQL.

    Dedi is full machine, it is not interrupted by others and most of the times has its own connection port. It requires a wide knowledge on linux adminstration. Usually on hosts such as OVH the dedicated servers come half done (Usually only the OS and everything required for a remote operation/connection is loaded). You will need to install java and anything else you wish by your self. Usually Dedicated servers costs a lot, not only cause they include strong specs but also because you get to use all the resources from it

    VPS is a part of the huge dedi, usually shares its power with another VPS hosted on the same dedi (Correct me if I am wrong) Usually VPSs are more affordable but can cause servers hosted on it to be laggy.

    SQL it's a database language. SQL = Structured Query Language
    A type of database is for example MySQL.(Clarrification by @MyzelYam )
    You can store thousands of different of data bytes on an it in order for other servers connected to it to grab the information needed. XenForo forums for example have a Database where all passwords and usernames are kept at.
    Usually we use a database on a site when we want to store nicknames, accounts, survey results and such (Clarrification by @SpiroMarshes)

    As I said I am newbie aswell so anyone who may wants to correct please do so by replying
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  2. You do not need a database in order to have a website.
  3. Actually you need a database when you want to store stuff, such as survey results or accounts.
    I will edit it thanks!
  4. SQL is not a database, it's a database language. SQL = Structured Query Language
    A type of database is for example MySQL.
  5. Will be adding this and giving credit thanks!
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