What is the Permission for opening chests?

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  1. I need The permission node for opening chests. Note that I do not want to let them modify the world.
  2. What is the Plugin name?
  3. I don't think there's such a permission without the use of plugins.

    EDIT: In the case you already have such plugin, you'll need to specify what plugin you're using.
  4. Hey, if you are using worldguard, the region flag is "chest-access". You just need to allow that on the global region or on a specific one.

    If you aren't using worldguard, you need to be more specific.
  5. gabriel, how do you do that?

    I am using worldguard and PermissionsEX
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    You create a region that encompasses the chest you want to control. Then you use the chest-access flag as he said to configure whether people can access it or not. There is no way to lock it to a permission node, you would use the WorldGuard flag access. See this for details.

    If you want specific user chest locking, consider something like LWC or the like.
  7. chest-access does not work

    EDIT: thanks so much everyone! It works!
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    Be more specific. What is not working? By default, chests are protected from random people opening them when in a region. You are not testing it by opening it yourself right? Because you are the region owner, of course it'll open for you.