Question What is the premium resource section anymore?

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    Title says it all. Seems now, it has went to 1 star and you cannot use my resource anymore. I know not all are like this, but really, no one can explain what the section was meant to be anymore. Just expecting a perfect 5/5 star rating, thus pushing people to not buy your plugin(s). It seems that 2016-current, 5/5 stars is key to getting more people to buy your resource. Not all premium resource developers are like this, but this should target the bad eggs who threaten other users by blacklisting their use of the plugin. Some of your 1 stars can be sometimes legitimate, but most is spam or error logs which i understand where you come from on that as some misconfigure plugins all the time.

    Is this a remove the premium resource section thread? No!! Its a question we all need to answer as a community as we have moved from "Friendly to Buyers" to "Point a gun at them or threaten members for a 5 star rating".

    Well, I'm not buying any more resources here until the community quits complaining about not getting a perfect 5/5 rating (probably will never happen). Ill stick with the ones I already have purchased in the past.
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  2. You are describing a problem that has been here so long and Spigot decided not to solve this no matter how many people suggests. I don't think making more thread will change their mind either. Because they will just say, if you don't like it, don't buy it, don't post it.
  3. Legoman99573


    I didnt say the plugins are bad at all. Read the part where they threaten you when its not a perfect 5 star rating.
  4. MiniDigger


    sounds like every online review section ever.