Solved What is the Teleport Permission Node for Spigot

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  1. I started up a server via desktop for me and my friends to play on, call me a control freak but I would like them to only have access to the teleport command. I looked on the CraftBukkit Commands page and there is no permission node allowing to teleport directly to a player, the only node there is allowing the following commands:
    tp <player1> <player2>
    tp <player1> <x> <y> <z>
    But no permission node for:
    tp <player>
    Could some one direct me to the desired permission node, that would be allot of help, thank you.

    Plugin: PermissionsEx-1.23.4
    Spigot: Spigot-1.12
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  2. I thought they were the same permission?

    Why don't you use Essentials?
  3. You know what, i completely forgot about EssentailsX, I will use that to restrict commands, thanks for the remainder.

    I used it and worked perfectly, I just disabled the commands that i don't want used there and used the perm node
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    The actual permission is bukkit.command.teleport
  5. wut, umm, not relivant