What is this called?

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  1. When i drag my mouse to the motd that is showing the player online on a server. It pops something up that shows text. Do anyone know what this is called? And how do i code it? with bungeecord or spigot?

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  2. Or you could just make your own library for injection of packets. The packet that contains this information is the server response packet. In the bukkit api it is the nms class called "PacketStatusOutServerInfo". I have a tutorial about packets where I also describe this packet. Just take a look at it: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/nms-packets-in-minecraft.245190/. To modify the pop-up, you have to send fake player data with fake names. The injection of it in the packets is done by netty. I think they have an api for injection.
  3. How would i use it?

    This is what i got so far..
    Code (Text):
            ServerPing serverPing = new ServerPing();
            PacketStatusOutServerInfo serverInfo = new PacketStatusOutServerInfo(serverPing);
  4. You have to intersect any outgoing packets using netty. When the packet is this packrt, you have to change the valued to what you want.
  5. I've not used nms that mutch, so i don't really know what you're saying.