What is this specificly?

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  1. Hey guys! Noticed lately, that my server is lagging a lot! It used to be smooth, but since 1.6.2, the player movement isnt smooth at all.

    I did some timings, only thing i kept getting is this:

    What is it? Can i limit it?

    Thanks :)
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    Would be much better if you posted your full timings.
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  3. Uhh.

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  4. joehot200


    Vio is the amount of times that event lagged the server.

    17,250.00 is pretty high..

    There is a timings guide somewhere, but i cant seem to find it.
    Edit: Timings guide.

  5. Thx :)
  6. ignore vio on full server tick, i need to hide that value.