What is your favorite logging plugin?

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  1. Hi,
    I use the old bLog plugins for logging command & chat for my moderators, but recent analysis make me want to change: chart
    The timings file: http://aikar.co/timings.php?url=1690831
    The plugin is clearly laggy, do you know a good plugin who can log chat&command to a file (or MySql) for a reasonable amount of performance?
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  2. Puremin0rez


    LogBlock is heavily used and mostly everyone will recommend it :)

    I use Hawkeye Reloaded because it logs/rolls back Item Frames and has attachable rollback support (Ex: Someone breaks a block that has a torch on it, it will recognize both the stone and torch) < thats new in the dev builds
  3. I started with core protect which is good for normal file based logging but it slowed down over time even with file purging so i switched to log block which i think is better with logging and overall performance after long time use.
  4. I have used LogBlock a long time ago, but it was somehow laggy :p

    For now I am using Hawkeye reloaded and I love it :D
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  5. bLog was for command & chat logging, not block logging. But i guess i can use HawkEye for command&chat logging too, don't know why i didn't think about it sooner ..
  6. I recently made the switch from CoreProtect to Prism. And let me tell you, I'm not looking back any time soon. Prism is so much better than the rest. It can keep track of entities, chat/commands (like you want to), and has a total of 69 events that can be logged, without making any impact on the server's performance. Not only that, the support is really quick, even though there's only one guy answering everything.

    Here's the website: http://discover-prism.com/
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  7. I will look at this :) Thanks
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  8. The thing about prism though, it logs so much, your DB size can get huge in no time if you have a lot of players. It definitely requires some fine tuning, it's not that great on initial install imo.

    That's prob the case for most logging plugins I guess though. Prism just logs a lot more.
  9. Well obviously you shouldn't keep every single even turned on. You need to adjust the settings based on what you need. There's also a purge feature that it always runs automatically on startup. You can add simple things like entity deaths and item pickups/drops from a week ago since you probably wouldn't need that data after a week or so.
  10. by how lacking the timings is on your timing link, its obvious your using an old spigot build.

    newer spigots has better timings that gives a more accurate %, as 30% could be 30% of 1% which means no real impact at all.
  11. I use Hawkeye reloaded, along with CLogger for quick lookups on what players are saying and commands via the web.
  12. What build should i use? I can use the last build?
  13. I am currently using #517 with no issues. Amrac