What is your favorite operating system

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  1. debian stable on servers, debian testing on desktop.
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  2. Well, I love Windows, but I don’t like the interface of it. I’d like to see a Windows with the GUI of Ubuntu fully more optimised one day :)
  3. You know the best of Linux? You can have what you call GUI of Ubuntu on any Linux distro, so you are not limited to ubuntu only, they are called Desktop Enviroments :p
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  4. The best OS in my opinion for Development is Ubuntu, however, i have always liked Kali Linux, its the smoothest and comes with a ton of pre installed programs.
  5. Nokia Asha is my favorite operating system.

    Edit: It was just a joke, old man.
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  6. I use Windows as well. Just used to it, though im considering using Linux as well through dualboot.
  7. I sit behind macOS every day.
    Minecraft runs on mostly a variety of linux distros.
  8. For the same reason someone else has a preference for something else.
  9. For me, I love windows 10. Well I just like the way it looks hahahah I don't really care about operating systems on my personal desktop :)
  10. That’s why PowerShell exists.
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  11. How is that related?
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  12. I’ve seen someone doing something like GNOME to Windows on PowerShell.

    Edit: Didn’t know that one day I’m gonna become a comedian out of the blue.
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  13. That's not PowerShell, that's a desktop environment on an X server running on Windows Subsystem for Linux.
  14. I love MacOS. It's in my opinion the best of Windows (a smooth UI) and the functionalities of Unix (like Ubuntu). I am yet to find a Linux desktop which runs as smooth as MacOS. Just a tad disappointing that it's not super easy to install on any machine, especially with the recent Apple vs Nvidia nonsense on the latest release of MacOS (Mojave).

    "This is my Arch. There are many like it, but this one is mine... Arch, without me, is useless. Without Arch, I am useless..."
  15. Windows 7, I love the cutting-edge technology.
  16. The operating system I am using just now is windows, but I really love linux especially Ubuntu, it has been the first linux I've used, on my PC and on a vps server, I've really loved it but now, for servers I prefer CentOS and the copy of ubuntu I've installed on my PC doesn't start anymore :(
  17. I personnaly use Elementary OS and Windows.
    Windows for gaming and Elementary OS for all the other stuff.

    I would say that elementary OS just looks like Mac OS and that is why I like it.
  18. Piv


    Desktop: OSX & Windows 10.

    jumped the OSX wagon when Vista came out, but today I really dont care if it's win10 or OSX, both works for my needs

    My servers are Debian, and would never use anything else for them, I know how it works, and it does the job.
  19. Desktop and Laptop: Windows 10
    Server Containers: Ubuntu 18.04

    I've recently been messing around with Deepin on my laptop, but I've had endless GPU driver problems that nobody else online seems to have...
  20. MacOS. I just don't care about the fight between OSes.

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