What is your favorite operating system

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  1. I like using Ubuntu, but I am stuck on having to use Windows as well because Adobe never had time to make Adobe CC for Linux operating systems.

    I guess I can try Wine, but I think there may be performance issues with e.g. After Effects.
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  2. Can i say Android? well i love it more than windows :p
  3. I totally agree with you.
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  4. Yes, it is an operating system.
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  5. You can say whatever you want, even if it's wrong. As long as it's within the forum rules ;)
  6. Well, Linux Mint 19 on my PC and on my Laptop:


  7. All of the big 3.

    Windows - For gaming and other resource heavy applications
    MacOS - Development, productivity and other day to day tasks
    Ubuntu - VPS and other servers

    I own a 2018 MacBook Pro, and I use it as my daily driver for all work I do, I personally prefer the stability it offers over Linux and also the fact it offers a Unix shell (if you can use Command prompt or Powershell without smashing your screen I respect you), I have always been a fan of Windows as well but it is just a pain in the arse and I am faced with a multitude of issues on a regular basis with no reasonable explanation found online 90% of the time.
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  8. Ubuntu but I use Win10 due to most used so apps are always made for it and games.
  9. Linux runs under high load a thousand times better than Windows would do so it is no coincidence that 100% of the 500 strongest PCs use Linux. https://itsfoss.com/linux-runs-top-supercomputers/

    Furthermore, Linux is much more stable than MacOS. (At least the server version)

    Nevertheless, I have to say that a MacBookPro must be a lot of fun to program, Apple just manages to design its products beautifully:)

  10. Its because of its open source nature, not because it runs higher loads 1000 times better.
  11. Linux is my favorite, specifically Manjaro Linux (or Arch in general, really. I love the package management)
    Mac comes in second. I love being able to use terminal and have that power while also using a stable, nicely-designed ui. It's a nice compromise IMO between Linux and Windows.
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  12. It's just Linux, I personally hate Microsoft and all their stuff.
    They didn't create anything good IMHO.
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  13. I mean, they were able to make an operating system of all things, something that is extraordinarily complex to begin with, which also manages to work on pretty much every hardware setup. That is a HUGE, amazing feat. It is also likely the source of a lot of the bugs and problems in it, but that's to be expected considering the absolutely monumentally daunting task that is.

    They also developed the C# programming language which is integral in much software, including a lot which is available on Linux.
  14. Free BSD is open source too:)
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  15. I honestly like linux and windows pretty much equally, Windows is better for gaming but I like the setup of linux
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  16. Linux: Ubuntu
    Windows: (as much as I hate them) Win10
  17. Mmm, not sure if I agree with Linux being more stable, plus there are a few compatibility issues for softwares I use.

    Linux certainly scales better than Windows, but for strictly gaming performance I'd personally say that Windows is better suited.

    I must admit I absolutely love my Mac, its beautifully designed, stable and convenient. Theres only one flaw, the god awful Chrome optimisation on MacOSX.
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    Not that big into PC gaming, and only really interact with Minecraft and Roblox. Same goes for development, outside of MC and RB (along with some JS here and there), I don't really do much. I've slowly been moving into a more managerial type role at places I work. Combine that with my love for photography, videography and music production, my favorite OS becomes macOS. I find it simple, and it fits everything I do perfectly (not to mention I'm heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, so, it helps, haha).

    /Apple sheep signing off
  19. 当然是Windows 7,好就这样

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