What is your favorite type of server to play on and why?

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  1. Hey spigot! Just curious what everyone's preferences are for having fun in Minecraft. I've been pretty limited in my perspective as far as where I have invested my time playing on servers. I'd love to hear what gamemodes everyone has played on, what has made it so fun to you, and how long you have been into that gamemode. (Could be towny, factions, vanilla, prison, etc)

    I personally have been playing towny survival servers and occationally some minigames for most of my mc years. There's something about the community that towny brings that is so peaceful and inviting. You have much less of a reason to ragequit and even if something bad happens, the people are very supportive generally. I'm usually a competitive person but if I'm investing a lot of my time into it, id rather not risk losing everything in a raid.

    What do you guys think?
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    I like Enhanced Survival. I:E more Enchantments, Money, Quests, Skylands, new mobs, etc. I like to think of it as Vanilla just in the future.
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  3. Never thought of it like this, I like that

    But yeah I agree, vanilla mc with more stuff to do but not enough to where it strays away from the original mc experience
  4. Just a good server. Usually, I prefer a Prison server but I mainly join servers to have a nice time and chat with others.

    So if you either have an extremely fun or a great community I will join, with it usually being the second.