What is your most satisfied bought plugin?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by LetsPlayVale, May 10, 2017.

  1. LetsPlayVale

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    There are quite a bit of great premium plugins worth buying, and we've bought a few we're happy with, however, I'm asking the Spigot community, what is your favorite Spigot plugin you've bought and why?
  2. ChatControlPro, It's an absolutely amazing plugin, with so many features...
  3. None im poor :(
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  4. React by @cyberpwn is amazing <3
    Totally worth it!
  5. Gaxan


    I can't decide between Glade and Airwick...

    Probably Citizens 2 (Yes I'm aware you can get the same version for free.)

    I think Bretts trolling, I hope he's trolling... Could be zombies...
  6. I am not?
    React is a very good plugin... I am not bias too.
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  7. Gaxan


    It's a good plugin and it looks nice. I've just seen TPS drops related to the plugin, maybe he's fixed it in the past couple of months. The remote react is a nice addition as well, but the tps drop on an active server was a kill at the time.
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  8. Sinclare

    Sinclare Previously xSinclare

    I would have to say LiteBans by @Ruan.
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  9. The plugin I paid for is CMI, it's a great tool and essentialsx like plugin with great features, support, and control. I wish I had it years earlier.
  10. I have two favorites. NewItems and Vehicles.
  11. BevsGames it will get a recode and i thought that is free now but the new paid version would be awesome
  12. AsyncWorldEdit - Premium makes me happy all over!
  13. I haven't bought any... But I won Mentioned in a giveaway. Simple, but useful.
  14. ChatControl, Vouchers, DeluxeChat, LiteBans
  15. I don't understand that plugin. What does it do? Just graphs lags?
  16. No... it helps reduce lag on your server with many options in it. Read the page.
  17. Gianluca

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    Hard to choose between LiteBans, FeatherBoard, and Citizens
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  18. MiniDigger


    easily EpicWorldGenerator
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  19. dwi


    Haven't bought much, but React and LiteBans are my favourites.
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