Solved What java is recommended for PREMIUM plugins?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Azmidium, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. I am finishing up my very first premium plugin, and I wonder what Java would be appropriate to save my plugin on. I am currently using Java 7, and I was wondering if I should be using Java 8. Any feedback?
  2. Definitely Java 7 since a lot of shared hosts force you to use it.
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  3. Yes Java 7, especially for premium plugins. Graphs on mcstats show that servers using 7 and 8 is roughly 50/50.
    (premium) plugins should run on any server so Java 7 is the way to go
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  4. Sorry for the long response, just waiting for someone else to support you! Thanks for answering almost right away aswell!

    Thanks for answering! I didn't know mcstats showed which Java servers use.
  5. Java 8 to force you to update because Java 7 has reached eol. :D
    Ex: It's like asking if you should use Windows XP over Windows 10 to me.
    Both of them work good but the older one doesn't get security fixes anymore.
    Using an old unsupported software may be dangerous and you are not helping moving towards recent material and software.
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  6. Install Java 8 and use Java 7 method, everything should be right
  7. That is currently what I do! :)
  8. No problemo
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  9. MikeA

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    People still use Java 7?
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  10. You're a mod, which is more likely to become a premium plugin? Java 7 or Java 8?
  11. Omnivion


    the amount of devs I've turned down for refusing to use Java 8 is insane
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    Either? I personally don't care, but as a host it's kind of an annoyance when a person requires Java 7 for plugins but the other 15 want Java 8. I'm no developer, but yours will work on either version?
  13. That's an issue?

    Java 8 should still run code compiled forJava 7.
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    I know, and I assume for nearly everything it will. I can't recall what it was at this point.
  15. Use Java 8.

    People using Java 8 or Java 7 will still be able to install your plugin
  16. If he compiles using Java 8, users still on 7 won't be able to use it.
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  17. Here is a easy list:
    Public plugins with java 7
    Private plugins with java 8 because the Most servers wich ive made were on a vps or dedicated server wich i rented
  18. Neither. As you should for every Java project, use the lowest Java version your project and its dependencies require. If you use Java 8 code, use Java 8. If it works fine with Java 6, use Java 6. If it works fine even with Java 3, use Java 6 because Bukkit / Minecraft require 6 (AFAIK).
  19. No, I compile my plugins using Java 8 and they works fine on Java 7
  20. Wouldn't that work the other way around too?