What kind of domain name should I have?

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Buy domain name (like hello.net) or save $ (and have something like hello.ftb.host) ?

  1. Buy one and don't be cheap

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  2. $$ SAVE MONEY $$

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  1. Hey. I run a KitPvP server. Should I buy a domain like legendmc.net (rip wallet) or save money and have something like legendmc.ftb.host?

    Whatever I choose, which one would even fit the best.

    For a paid domain, should I have. . .
    legendmc.xyz (lmao xyz)

    For a free one :)

    Should I have free or paid one?
    Top 3-5 for your choice of either paid or free

  2. fyi, domain names are cheap unless you're going for some expensive TLD or high-demand/short name, so this really shouldn't make a difference compared to what you're paying for your server(s)...
  3. None of those.

    .com or .net is the way to go.

    (if i had to choose, .org would be the closest, but wouldnt accurately represent your server.)
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  4. .com and .net are taken or over $3000
    .network is the closet i can get :(
    is .network too big of a compromise?
  5. Sounds like a change to a more original name is in order.
  6. Yea its pretty bad. You should probably just choose a different name. Such as legend-mc or mclegend or legendserver
  7. Strahan


    If you are worried about the cost of a domain name, I don't see how you are planning to run a server.
  8. With any domain I choose .net and .com are still FAR too expensive. Just saying, I am running a very small server. I do not plan to grow past 30 players so I don't want to spend a fortune.
  9. If money is that big of a concern http://www.freenom.com might work. I used them a while back for a few small projects and never had an issue with them.
  10. Strahan, I'm not worried about the cost of a domain. I just don't want to spend $3000 for legendmc.com (lol). I will spend up to $50 on a domain every year. And I do know that running a server costs a lot too. I make my own plugins, so I dont have to pay for developers, and I am going to put more money into the server to make it better. The only way that I can get a .com or .net domain is by comming up with a new domain (and I'm going to need some help). BTW mclegendz.com is $15 but it sounds lame
  11. So. . . Is the good only way to find a .net or .com domain? Or can I get something like .me or something? I could brainstorm some new domains and see if they are avaliable for cheap
  12. @zLegendXP You can try legendmc.co in GoDaddy is only for 0.99 USD.
    Also the "free" domains are subdomains.
    Also I don't understand the misinformation here, DOMAINS are not so expensive, see the offers in GoDaddy, that's really cheap & reliable for all people.
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  13. Yeah, cheap.. for the first year.
  14. allright im going to get a .net domain thx everyone
  15. Well, is you considered expensive 15.99 USD per year I donĀ“t really know how you are running a Minecraft server, the host is more expensive per year, also what other domain register you recommend? thanks for answer.
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  16. If I were you I would probably pick something different before the dot first.